Auto top ups and Rolling top ups - How to

Auto top ups and Rolling top ups - How to
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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t have to worry about topping up your credit balance? Wouldn’t it be great if your phone could top your meter up on a regular basis without you having to lift a finger?

Well guess what, you can make this happen in just a few clicks with our ‘Auto Top Up’ and ‘Rolling Top Up’ features!

Here’s a guide to show just how easy it is to get this set up.



  • You should now see the following menu:




Auto top up
This service will automatically top up your credit when it falls below a limit of your choosing. This means you never need to worry about going off supply, the system will manage this for you! All you need to do is fill out the blanks and hit ‘Activate’ to get this set up. Here’s a screenshot of the form:






Rolling top up
This one automatically tops you up on a regular basis. Again, you just need to fill in the form and hit ‘Activate’ to get his set up. You have so much control here, you can choose how often, be it days or months, how much, and a start date too! Here’s an image of what the page looks like:






And that’s it, just a few taps, and you don’t have to think about your balance again!

Who’s getting this set up ASAP? If you have any questions or concerns, let us know in the comment section below!


Updated 20/02/2020



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Sorry if this has already been answered but how do you set up a rolling top up? If I click on the link to set one it says I must make a manual top up first , so I make one and it just goes back to the main menu, click on the link again and I get the same message , can someone help please, we used to have one set up when it was ovo but I've never been able to get it to work on boost

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Take a look at this topic for more help, @Ollyhodges. If the app still isn’t allowing you to get this set up after making a manual top up with the Main Registered Card, call the team on 0330 102 7517 so they can raise this with our Tech team. They’re available Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.

The Auto top up started to fail, I can top up manually, with the card listed but it will not top up, I phoned boost helpline I was on ages, I did everything they asked but still won't top up, they said they would get back to me, they didn't. I left it a week or so, then phoned again today, explained my situation all over again, the person on the other line kept me waiting for ages then cut me off, thanks customer help, so I am now looking for a new provider who does not treat its customers like like so need recommendations

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Hi @Frustrated boost user,

I’ve moved your post over here where you can find more info on Auto topups. If this doesn’t help, please send us a message on Facebook and we can look into what’s happening on your account. 

I’m sorry to hear about your experience when calling in. I’m certain no one would have intentionally hung up on you.


If they hung up deliberately or not the decent thing would of been to phone me back, they had my number, they didn't, same as I never got a call back as promised when I initially contact them, do you not think?? 

They have already been in touch with tech team, they said they would get back to me, that was a couple of weeks ago

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I completely agree, @Frustrated boost user, it’s standard procedure for them to call you back if the call drops.


We can look into this for you if you’d like, it’s important for us to make sure we’re providing the best customer service possible.


You could give us a call again on 0330 102 7517, or email us at hello@boostpower.co.uk, or if you’d prefer, send us a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages.




As I have already said, I have sent a message on Facebook,,,,,   , no response,,,,,,,,,  I have called 3 times,,,,,,,,,, no joy,,,,,,,,,, what's the chances I get no response by email, or get o e back saying we aim to answer all emails at some point

I am moving home and want to cancel my auto top up so I can spend my balance. How do I cancel it? 

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If you’ve notified us to say you’re moving out we’ll close your app and this will automatically stop the auto top ups, @Amyban, if you want to do this yourself just head to “Scheduled Top Up” on the app and then click on “Manage Auto Top Up” which will allow you to stop it.


To get your account closed down, email the team on hello@boostpower.co.uk or message us on Facebook or Twitter confirming your move out date and forwarding address. There’s more info about this here