Annoyed beyond belief!

  • 27 July 2019
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Sat feeding my 3 day old newborn baby at 1 o clock in the morning and the electric goes. Rang 105 for Western Power and told to reset switches on electric box. I do this and still no electric so they send for out of hours repair. Repair man gets here at 2 o clock and proceeds to take the meter apart. Then comes the bombshell. The electric turned of as the meter is over. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the electric would not go off after 6pm on a Friday till 10am on a Monday. If that's correct I'm furious, I put electric in on Monday when I get payed and just make it over the weekend. The whole point I joined boost and have been with a while now was because of this feature. If its not there anymore then neither is my business with you. To be left at 1 in the morning in the dark with a newborn is to me archaic. Just relieved it happened in the middle of summer and not a freezing winter. Know its not a question and it's probably in the wrong place on this forum but your customers need to know they do not have a guarantee like you claim. Disscussted, infuriated and really annoyed. Won' t sing your praises no more.

2 replies

Btw it's Saturday morning 3am at time of writing
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I'm really sorry to hear about this experience @Devpil.

If you have a smart meter, you shouldn't disconnect over the weekend at all, as our 'friendly non disconnect period' means all customers on smart meter will stay on supply between 4pm and 10am on weekdays, and over the weekend.

If you have a traditional electricity meter, as long as you've used your Boost key (which programmes your meter with our rates and some other settings), you also shouldn't disconnect over the weekend as the key will program it to follow the same non-disconnect times as smart meters. If you haven't used our key in your meter yet, then it may still be configured to your old supplier's settings, which means it may go off once your emergency credit has run out.

I hope this has been sorted out for you now, but if you still need help, please give us a ring (0330 102 7517), drop us an email ( or send us a message on Facebook with your account number, full name and DoB.