Why isn't my smart meter balance on Boost Top Up app not updating since 30th of September?

  • 29 January 2022
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  My balance on app is showing as off 30th September.  When I top up I have to manually input into IHD.  I have been in several webchats where I am always cut off! One said if you have tried uninstalling app several times and not worked then just use payment portal until further notice!

3 replies

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That’s a long time for the app balance not to update, @Susan99 - does that mean the smart meter and In Home Display balance is updating but this isn’t matched by the app?


Usually the app will update when the smart meter sends its usage information to us, typically in the morning. The fact that your app hasn’t updated and your top ups have to be submitted manually, it sounds like there’s no signal where your electricity smart meter is. But you can check this by following these steps:


If you have an Aclara smart meter:



If you have a Secure smart meter:



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The wan and han light is flashing together at 5 second intervals.

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Great to see you’ve managed to check these flashing lights, @Susan99.


Whilst that doesn’t necessarily indicate a communication issue, there could be something else which is preventing your smart meters from updating your balance. I’d recommend completing the full Smart Meter Health check and then getting in touch with our Support Team to discuss your results. The quickest way to reach the team is via our webchat.


Hope this helps get things sorted.