Why is my Pipet In Home Display (IHD) showing a large 'estimated bill' screen?

  • 17 October 2020
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I had my broken gas meter replaced last month. The engineer gave me an ihd as id never been given one before. Im a payg customer, always have been. But the ihd is giving me an estimated bill reading. Also its giving me an unusually high estimated electricity bill. Can someone explain why this is please? 



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3 replies

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Hi @Mumoftwo and thanks for posting!


Can I check do you currently top up with the app? 


For this Pipet IHD, the ‘estimated bill’ screen is displayed by default for those on the soon to be changed PAYG+. It can be disregarded as only relates to usage cost from when your tariff last changed. 


When you move to Smart PAYG, this will display your actual meter balance. 

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Hi thanks for your reply. Yes I top up via the app. Will the ihd update automatically when I'm moved on to payg+ or do I need to reset it? 

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You’ll get an email to confirm what steps to take with your IHD, @Mumoftwo which will also include a link to the new app!


This will be sent when it’s your time to make the change to smart PAYG