Why have I been charged 1p when registering my bank card with the PAYG Smart app?

  • 5 May 2021
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The latest from PayPoint on this 1p charge


When registering a bank card on the PAYG Smart app, you may see a 1p payment taken from this card when paying with a Capita. This is in order to verify the card before storing it for you.


This is common when using Capita, but you’ll only see this 1p payment for a limited time, as we reverse the transaction once it’s been confirmed.


See the PAYG Smart FAQs for more info, here






1 reply

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You still had NO right to do this without informing the customer BEFORE you did this! It is theft! You could have at least had an on screen message informing them that a temporary charge would be made and explained the reason why. Disgraceful practice...