Why has a payment been taken from my bank account to my Smart PAYG balance? Do I have a Direct Debit set up?

  • 5 April 2021
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I'm on boost paug meter which I top up online or via card at a pay point, today £36.75 has come out of my bank account? Also I've noticed there's a £20 monthly subscription on my bank account too boost says I've authorised this but I haven't.. and have no clue what it's for like I said I'm on a prepayment meter so why is money just coming out of my bank?! I've tried contacting boost and can't get through only an automated service via phone that repeats itself also send an email 


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Hi @Mum82020 and thanks for posting!


This is an odd one, but hopefully we’re able to work it out together!


With the Smart PAYG app, the ‘top up’ button allows credit to be applied to your smart meters from your bank account. Debit card details are stored on the app for easy transactions, so it’s possible that a top up amount was made for that £36.75. 


A history of all payments made on the app is available, including the date and amount. Payments take up to 24 hours to be reflected here. Can you check your recent payments, to see if there’s that confirmation email or SMS?


I am concerned about that £20 monthly payment, which sounds like a ‘scheduled payment’ like what PAYG+ allowed. Smart PAYG app doesn’t allow this currently, but it’s something that you can set up over the phone. Does this sound familiar? Are you able to get this checked and let us know? 0330 102 7517


Failed top ups



Top-ups may display as ‘pending payment’ on the app if a payment fails due to an issue, such as our systems not communicating with PayPoint properly, or the PAN not being linked correctly to the a meter.


When this happens no funds are taken - you should be informed that the payment has failed and that we suggest you check your bank account. The top up amount should be available in your bank account within five days, but it’s usually a lot quicker! Payments that fail are also shown as 'vend fail' in the PayPoint online portal