Why do I need to submit my bank details twice on the Smart PAYG app?

  • 22 November 2020
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I’ve emailed constantly also messaged on your Facebook page so I’m going to try this...why does the nee app make you put your bank details in twice if you have duel (gas/electric) it’s very inconvenient...also the fact I have disabilities and my meter is in the garage so can’t keep up on what’s on there...also I’m moving so need to know what I need to do *edited by mod*


so I’m clear I was with Ovo but then it changed to boost and again the name is now economy power?? It’s all very confusing.

please could someone contact me because my new place will need a meter ect and dnt want that left to long 

Thankyou Donna 

1 reply

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Thanks for posting this question, @Donna1967 - it’s the first time we’ve had this one. 


All debit cards or bank cards can be managed from the ‘My Cards’ section of the app. If you want to remove an old bank card and replace it with a new one, that can be processed from this page. 


The ‘Top up’ option on the app allows credit to be applied to your smart meters. Debit card details are stored on the app for easy transactions. Each supply in the property will be identified by a payment allocation number (PAN) and can be selected for topping up. This will be why the you need to submit a card for each PAN. But this shouldn’t be needed each time. 


Can you confirm the latest?