Why can't I login to my online account since setting up my Boost account?

  • 4 January 2022
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Markjones2020 wrote:


I cant register for My boost on the website. I have checked the email address is correct on my account. I have received no emails at all to either set up the account or reset password and I have not received my welcome info from Boost, meaning that I could not apply for the Warm Home Discount. Customer service have been no help in trying to solve this. 


Does anybody have any ideas?




Sorry to hear you’ve had difficulty setting up your online account, @Markjones2020.


If you’ve recently moved in or switched over to Boost you should receive a Welcome pack either via post or email within 5 working days of getting in touch. If it’s been longer than this and you’re still waiting it’s worth checking your email junk folder or spam box as the Welcome email can sometimes be mis-directed there. If you still can’t find it here, it’s best to get in touch with the Support Team who can double-checked there’s no errors or typos in the email address we have registered. The quickest way to get in touch with the team is via Webchat which you can access here.


As you mentioned applying for the Warm Home Discount it’s worth reaching out to the team who can confirm your account number which you can then use to apply online here. Applications are still open but we’d recommend making an application ASAP to avoid missing out.


Hope this helps get things back on track - Do pop back and let us know if you need any more help or advice. :slight_smile:

6 replies



I have done all of that and still have not received any documentation from yourselves

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In that case it best to raise this one to the Support Team who can access the details of your account a request the Welcome Pack is re-sent if you’ve not received it. 


You can reach the team via Webchat here or by giving them a call on 0117 332 3728, the lines are open from 8am - 6pm on weekdays and 9am - 2pm on Saturdays.


I hope the team can get things sorted for you quickly.

Hi again


I have tried this and all that I received was a generic OVO renewal pdf with no information at all on it. I am getting really annoyed with the communication from Boost and am considering changing suppliers when it is possible to do. 


Can somebody please help me sort this out



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This is a strange one, @Markjones2020. It could indicate a technical issue with the set-up of your account. Unfortunately without full access to the account via this forum, we’re limited in terms of investigating exactly what might be the cause of the issue.


As you mentioned you’ve already been in touch with the Support Team and are yet to get things sorted I’d recommend raising this as a formal complaint. This will ensure any set-up issues are fully investigated and the complaint may be escalated if we’re not able to get things resolved straight away. You can see the full complaints procedure here.


I’m hoping this information is helpful in some way. Do let us know once things are back on track. :thumbsup:



Despite raising a complaint to Boost I still have not heard anything from them. As far as I am aware, you are supposed to hear an initial response within 5 working days. This has still not come through to me. 


Can someone please chase this as I am losing faith in Boost as a supplier and am now looking for a new supplier to take over my supply. 

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It’s really disappointing to hear you’re still waiting on a response to your complaint, @Markjones2020  - as you mentioned we’d expect you to hear back within 5 working days.


Unfortunately we can’t access your account here to chase this up but would recommend reaching out to the Support Team via webchat which you can access here.


I’m hoping the team are able to get things back on track for you.