Why am I still getting low-balance notifications on the old app when I've got credit showing on my new app?

  • 16 July 2021
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Hi. I moved to my new app yesterday, always been in credit and my balance was moved over and split between the gas and electric. So now my old app was on zero.
This morning I have a warning text saying you’re in emergency credit- top up now otherwise you will be disconnected. This is from my old app! 
I’m  £120 in credit on my new one but my old one still looks like it’s using it too. Please advise. I was on hold yesterday for nearly an hour so hope there may be a quicker fix than having to ring back is it’s happened to someone else. Thanks guys


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 Hi @Forumbuddy,


Great to hear you’ve moved over to the new app and are already seeing your credit there.


Very strange to hear that the old app is still giving you notifications! I’ve checked this one with the team and they’ve confirmed - it’s not what we’d expect to happen and was due to part of the switching process being incomplete. The good news is, they’ve now fixed the cause of this for you, so you shouldn’t be able to use the old app going forward (you can just go ahead and delete that now) and your new app will be fully good-to-go!


For others who are having a similar problem in future, we’d advise contacting our Support Team on 0330 102 7517 or 0117 370 1041 from a mobile - they can check everything’s in order with the transfer of your account.


There’s more advice on using the new app here - hope this helps! :slight_smile: