Why am I off supply and unable to add credit via the new app on Smart PAYG?

  • 18 April 2021
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AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, the app doesn’t work I am constantly without either gas or electric or both until I am able to get through to the useless customer service who tell me the same rubbish week after week about how they are fixing it snd what seem to be just absolute lies. Is that how you treat paying customers boost? Today is my 3rd day with no gas as I work from 8 am till 9pm it’s difficult for me to constantly be calling customer service. I need help but no one at this company can provide that YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. OH AND ALSO THE CARDS I WERE SENT DO NOT WORK 

5 replies

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Really not good to read this, @Georgewadman - can you offer us some more info on what happens when you try and top up, either via the app or at a PayPoint? With that I might be able to point you towards relevant topics or help articles. 


We need to make sure you can top up, and if that’s not possible, we need to make sure you don’t go off supply as a result. Please call us if you’re off supply and unable to add credit to get back on supply: 0330 102 7517. 


This is the 4 time in the space of a month that my mother has lost power due to boost not doing what they have promised, 4 times we have had to call up and be told they will put some emergency on while we wait for a engineer to come out, who can also only be called once we have no power or heat, my mother is severely disabled and is lucky I am here to help, the engineer has been out and we was told on our last call the 4th one we have had to make when losing power, that everything is OK and to expect our new card through the post, no sign and this was on Tuesday they was also ment to put enough credit on to last till this was all sorted, once again left with no power and on hold to the call centre who just clearly can not sort the problem of regularly supplying our home with power like was promised once we buy our credits, please can someone just help us and sort this problem out it is really not fair.


Does anyone in this chat have any experience in taking legal action against negligent companies such as Boost? I have already gone to the energy ombudsman but have been offered and extremely meager sum for the harm caused to me by Boost’s terrible customer service.   


If anyone from Boost is reading this can you please look my name up in your system and work out why I am off supply for about the 8th time in the last 6 months. I have paid £80 pounds into the account that you sent me through just last week yet I am now on emergency credit. I am not able to spend hours on the phone today as I have work to do, so I guess I’m going to have to solve this tomorrow once all my food has rotted once again.    


With the least kindest regards imaginable, 

Hugo Borren

I feel your pain. Maybe complain to the energy ombudsman? If enough of us complain then maybe they will have to listen? 


Their internal complaints line is a joke, wouldn’t bother with that. 

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Hi @GedBarton and @hugo borren,


It’s Tim here, one of the moderators on the Boost forum. I want to try and help as best as I can, I’m really sorry to learn about the experience you’re both describing. 


I want to say first off that I won’t be able to offer any account specific advice or support. Some things are better left without guesswork. 


@GedBarton I can’t be sure, but it sounds like you’re waiting on a gas top up card to be able to avoid going off supply. That tells me you don’t have smart meters, which does limit the support our team is able to give you at short notice. You need a working gas card, but you might not need to wait till it arrives in the post. Calling us is the best way to work out the option that suites your needs: 0330 102 7517.


@hugo borren your issue sounds different in that you might have a smart meter, and were recently set up on Smart PAYG. I’m aware of a known issue preventing some top ups on the app. More info here:



You should be able to use the top up card, card number/barcode to add credit via a PayPoint. More info here:



As for your question about legal action, I would advise that your legal representative contacts our legal team via letter to the following address:


Boost Power Legal Team, 

Temple Quay, 1 Rivergate,





However my initial advice would be to follow the remedy stipulated by the independent Ombudsman officer who handled your complaint. If you have any questions about this, you would need to contact them directly. Details here.  


Please be advised that our Support team are in and taking calls Saturday and Sunday, 9am-5pm for any emergency support: 0330 102 7517.


Hope this helps,