When will Boost address ongoing service issues raised on this forum?

  • 5 December 2021
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All i see on here is constant complaints on service. You app is far from useful and only updates at midnight and your website log in is unusable. It is time Boost stopped apologising for the constant ongoing issues and got down to providing it’s customers with a decent service, not asking too much is it. I have been with Boost/Ovo for six years and never had issues until the change over to PAYG. The display they posted to me is also useless, only gives me info in units used, not got a clue what that equates to in coin of the realm.  


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7 replies

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Never used to be. I can't even find out my account balances,  just keep adding credit so not to get cut off. Totally unacceptable. 

They just a complete joke Mjrigg1. I am on PAYG and I got a letter from these clowns 11 days ago stating I owe £922.72 and the reason they say I owe that amount is because I did not topup for approx 6 weeks (bear in mind I`m on PAYG) so it stands to reason I cant rack a bill up like that, it`s impossible. But anyway the bill is for not topping up for about 6 weeks from mid June to end of July this year. The idiots on the chat service who are as much use as nothing said they will raise a case about it and I should hear within 10 days. Sure enough 10 days later . . nothing. I saved all the chat logs so it`s a complaint going into the regulators.

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I’m so sorry to hear of the issues you’ve both encountered when trying to resolve issues you’ve experienced with your Boost accounts, @Mjrigg1 and @Woody411.


It’s worth mentioning that as a place to trouble-shoot issues we do see an over-representation of negative experiences here on the Forum. We’re obviously keen to improve things for all our customers and will do our best to provide advice and support here to help get things resolved. By sharing your experiences here, you’re also providing valuable feedback that we can pass on to our Support Team to help ensure they provide the best service when dealing with any common issues.


I really appreciate the frustration that’s been caused by your inability to view your balance via your In-Home Display, @Mjrigg1. As your smart meter is updating your usage in units (kWh) used rather than costs, this may be caused by an issue with the tariff information which is loaded onto your meter. If you haven’t already this is worth raising to our Support Team as they should be able to help get this tariff information updated. The quickest way to reach the Team is via our webchat which you can access by heading here.


It’s disappointing to hear that you didn’t receive the promised update following your webchat interaction, @Woody411. As you’ve mentioned taking this complaint to the Energy ombudsman we’d encourage you to check our complaints procedure here. If you haven’t already you can raise this as a formal complaint by contacting the Support Team - if we’re not able to resolve things internally within 8 weeks we’ll then issue a ‘Letter of Deadlock’ which allows you to escalate things to the ombudsman for independent review.


I hope this information is helpful in getting things sorted for you both.

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Thanks for this information. Moving on, when can we expect your systems to allow us to check out balances, this is a major thing for me.

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We really appreciate this feedback on the importance of being able to check your balance easily, @Mjrigg1.


Whilst our Boost app currently offers a midnight snapshot of your balance, we’re always looking for ways to improve this feature so will factor in such valuable customer insight as we look to work on these digital tools in the coming year.


For a more up-to date view of your balance, we’d recommend using your In-Home Display, so it’s really important that any ongoing issues you’re experiencing with the data shown on your device is raised to our Support Team for further investigation.


Have you reached out to the team via our Webchat yet? You can access this here. Do keep us updated here with any progress made on getting your IHD issues resolved. :thumbsup:


If I gave you honest feedback I would be banned from here so I will keep it civilized.


Boost is an absolute joke and as soon as I sort this ridiculous mess out I am switching and boy do I recommend everyone to steer clear of this joke company, or should I say absolute scam rip off.

Thanks for this information. Moving on, when can we expect your systems to allow us to check out balances, this is a major thing for me.

You`re wasting your time with this joke outfit. Move to another supplier. I know I am as soon as I sort this mess out what Boost have created trying to rip me off.