What is the time frame for new Smart PAYG app and plan being available?

  • 14 October 2020
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Boost needs to seriously think about time frame for people like myself who just switched from OVO to Boost Prepay! My contract says SMART PAYG (all online)


Ok so I can go to shop with my 16 digit PAYG card number and top up, I am concerned about possible lockdown and I live alone! I would very much like to be able to top up online! I understant boost is working on this but a time frame would be excellent please!


Been on Boost just over a week and I like it! I had smart meter for months I did chase them for IHD which I received within a week of their two week time frame. I am one of those customers who want it now! I ended up getting direct line to contact them which got results very quickly! I am sorry but cannot share this number but if your like me you can get it if you try hard enough.


Boost needs to sort us customers out with portal so we can make top up online! If I was told to self isolate I am stuffed! While I am able to visit shop and get electric which did go on remotely by the time I got home I would prefer to able to top up online!


Just glad I made a fuss and got my IHD sorted which is a big deal to me! I don’t need to go outside to check my balance anymore which is awesome thankyou Boost on this!


I really want to be able to top up online please!

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Hi @AztecUK and thanks for this post. 


We might be reaching out to you directly, and a few other forum users who have been helpful with feedback, about this change to Smart PAYG. We want your help and feedback!


In general customers are going to start being set up on Smart PAYG next week. The ones in the first few weeks will be getting an email today, and likewise in subsequent weeks you’ll be getting an email if this change is happening a bit later, until everyone has been changed from December.