What happens to the money that was on the old app once I've registered to the new Smart PAYG app?

  • 4 November 2020
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I have quite alot of money on the old boost app and was told I'd got to register for the new one, so I have and want to know what has happend to that balance that was on the old app. Since registering for the new one I cant check my balance as there is nothing on the new app to let me check, also I cant even check my smart meter as the screen is blank and has a red flashing light on it? Please can someone help as I'm deeply confused and dont know what's going on as I dont know how much electricity I have and again would like to know what happens to the amount of money that was left on the old app that I topped up with?

Thank you..

6 replies

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I’m the same, no idea what’s going on now with my electric, I have no home display to check so use the app when I’m not at home.

this is unworkable for me now, so should put me on a DD plan.

looking forward to your reply from Boost

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Hi @janiwarrant @Garyh 


Any credit left on your old PAYG+ online balance will get transferred over to your Smart PAYG balance, split between both meters evenly if you are dual fuel. 


See this topic for info on how to view your balance on Smart PAYG. 

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How do we know that? You’ve pulled that info from the new app!

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I have just waited 25 mins for my call to be answered, I have been transferred to the new app and can no longer check my balance as I have no in-home display, the customer service staff then cut me off when I asked her to check my balance, no matter how you try and dress this up it is a very poor move and a huge step backwards. What is the point of an app you can’t check balances from? Bye bye Boost 

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I totally agree..... boast customer service is dreadful no one has a clue what's going on & this new app is absolutely awful 

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Thanks for sharing what seems to be exclusively negative experiences of CS. We are seeing large calling volumes, likely as a result of a combination of the change smart PAYG generating lots of contact, as well as the usual high contact we see in colder weather. We’re doing our best to increase bums on seats to take your call and we are thankful for the patience of anyone who is in a queue.


In response to your balance not showing in the app, you’ll be able to get an In Home Display that shows you this. If you don’t have an IHD already, request one by Facebook and Twitter or phone: 0330 102 7517


In the meantime, you can view your meter balance by pressing 7 on the smart meter keypad. It will show you emergency credit info and then the current balance will be on the next screen.


Smart PAYG: activating your emergency credit on your smart meter screen


You can also use your smart meter screen to activate your emergency credit.

Smart meter keypad OVO Energy

Start by pressing 7 on your keypad.

Emergency Credit offer OVO Energy smart meter

Accept smart meter OVO Energy

To accept the emergency credit offer, press A on the keypad.

Ignore smart meter OVO Energy

If you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to activate your emergency credit, just press B.


Smart meter screen: if you’ve used up your emergency credit


Once you’ve activated your emergency credit, you can check up on it by pressing 7 on your smart meter keypad.

If you’ve still got some credit left, the screen will first display ‘E-CREDIT’ and then ‘IN USE’.

E-Credit emergency credit smart meter OVO Energy

OVO Energy In Use Smart meter screen

If you’ve used up all your emergency credit, the screen will first display ‘E-CREDIT’ and then ‘USED UP’.

E-Credit emergency credit smart meter OVO Energy

used up smart meter credit OVO Energy

If you want to know how much you need to repay (including the emergency credit you’ve used) to reconnect your supply, press 7 again.

repay emergency credit OVO Energy

£11.78 OVO Energy smart meter credit