What happens to electricity generated by my solar panels when I have smart meters?

  • 22 February 2018
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I've got solar panels on my roof and I just noticed that I'm using the same power when I'm home doing loads of washing than when nobody's home witch tells me when nobody's home the electricity for the solar panels is sent back to the grid through my meters charging me for electricity I have generated has anyone else had problems

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Updated on 23/09/2020


anyone else had problems

Hi @Anthony

Any energy you use will first draw on the energy being produced by your solar panels. If there's not enough energy being produced, you'll draw from the grid. Likewise if you're producing more then you need, you will export that energy to the grid.

A generation meter will measure how much you produce. The only difference a smart meter has is that it's able to measure exactly how much you export to the grid. So you get paid accurately by your Feed in Tariff (FIT) provider.



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I know this I am a electrical engineer by trade working offshore On windfarms across Europe just can't understand costing me the same when I'm home and I'm away????? Don't need any gnvq , or IEE wire regs with part p to see something wrong
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Never had a problem with old meter only since I had smart meter installed and would advise everyone not to have one installed.
I want it taken out!!!
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And the more I look into it the more I get worried thay broadcast on higher frequency than mobile phones getting closer to micro waves 24 hours a day
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Bear in mind that your old meter might not have been measuring your usage accurately if it was quite old. They can slow down slightly over time, so when you have a new meter installed which is spot on at tracking your usage, it can feel like you're paying slightly more.

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