Topped up Gas and Electric for the first time but IHD not updated - why?

  • 28 February 2019
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Less then 6 months ago we switched from EE to Spark Energy. They installed a Smart Meter for us and we've been using the APP to top up.

As of 24th of Feb, Spark Energy no longer supplies our Gas and Electric as it has now been taken over by OVO/Boost.

We received new smart cards from Boost around 22nd of Feb stating that we need to now need to use the new smart cards to top-up and that we should dispose of old cards.

On the 25th of Feb we had about £2.50 on both Gas and Electric.

On the 26th Feb the display on our IHD said that we had £5 on both Gas and Electric even though we hadn't topped up. I'm not sure if Boost had put us on Emergency credit whilst our smart meter was being connected to our account.

Anyway, today our electric was down to about £1.90 and Gas £2.90 so I topped up £5 on both Gas and Electric at our local ASDA via PayPoint using our new smart cards for the first time.

For some reason though, the IHD hasn't updated with new balance.

We are down to about £1.66 on electric and £2.80 on gas.

When I go to Account Info on both Gas and Electric it does say that £5 has been credited - but the Balance hasn't changed.

What should I do? I'm concerned that our electric and gas will be cut off once balance has hit £0.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Just an update.

Having spoke to customer services this morning it appears that Boost took over our supply on 25th of Feb and Credited £5 for both gas and electric.

The previous balance seems to have been wiped out. I guess I have to try and claim money back from Spark Energy.

When I topped up £10 with new Boost cards yesterday I was in only paying back the £10 that Boost had put into our a Smart meter.

Having just topped up another £10 this morning (again £5 gas and £5 electric) the balance on our IHD has now updated.

I guess that £10 was some sort of transition credit given to us by Boost.

I don't understand why they couldn't add the previous balance that was on the meter prior to the switch as I now have to try and get that back from Spark Energy.

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Hi @MoXoM,

Glad to hear you've been able to get some more information about this. We wouldn't be able to transfer a balance from another supplier, as that's money you've paid to them for your energy at their prices. You'd start afresh with us, and they'd need to refund any credit you have left.

Hope this helps!
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Hi @MoXoM - If your online account is just being set up, you'll be sent an email within 3 to 5 working days. Hope you've received this by now!
Hi @Nancy_Boost ,

Yes - it's all sorted now.

I'm pretty pleased with how the app works although I hope there are plans to give a more up to date reading of Smart meter.

Is this something you are working on?
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Updated on 30/09/2020: We have recently changed Smart PAYG. See this guide for info on the latest changes. Still got a question about the new Smart PAYG? Create your topic here to get it asked. The answer will help you and others! 

Hey @MoXoM ,

Great to hear your enjoying the app 📲

The frequency of the balance being updated is something our team have been looking into, it's feedback like yours that helps to drive change! You can find more details here.

Cheers 🙂