Top up via WEB, has it been removed ?

  • 18 March 2022
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I only top up about once month.

My previous top ups were on usually the web, but that method seems to have disappeared.

Is this a fault, or is the somewhat flakey app the only way to top up now ?


4 replies

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Hi @Buzby,


I’ve got this checked and the browser Boost Top Up version still allows top ups. 


Can you try using the link above, and if it’s not showing as an option for you, please send over a screenshot so I can send it over to be checked? Along with that, a private message with your account number, name and address will help me link this to your account. 




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Thanks Tim, that link you show works fine, it has the top up option on it.

Strange that when I use the ‘MyBoost’ link at top left of, it now only shows two app download icons, not my account.

I can see, on the right of this forum, that other members are having similar problems.

Has there been some kind of ‘upgrade’ to the web interface ?






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Glad to hear that link and top up worked for you, @Buzby! :)


I’ve been able to replicate what you see when selecting ‘My Boost’ via the Homepage. I’ll ask the question now, but I suspect this is because some features on the app aren’t available via the browser, so we direct customers to download the app rather than link to the browser version… let me check though! 


Do you prefer to use the Boost Top Up browser version? 

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Hi Tim,

I prefer web based, but really we should have both !.

Some people prefer using the web on a PC, and some prefer using an app on a phone, but both methods should provide the same functions.