The tariff I signed up for and the one showing on my IHD are different - why?

  • 11 November 2021
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I joined Boost Pay as You Go plan at the end of October and those are the rates for electricity that I was sent to my email:

Standing charge 27.20p per day

Day unit charge 20.60 per kwh

Night unit charge 14.64 per kwh

However, on my in-home display the tariffs are higher (standing charge 28.63 per day, day unit charge 21.63 per kwh and night unit charge above 15p per kwh)

Does anyone know why?

3 replies

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Hi @neda02 and Welcome to the Boost forum,


Great question to ask about the slight discrepancy you’ve noticed between the prices shown on your Welcome email and those on your In-Home Display (IHD).


I think I may have an idea why there’s a slight difference in the rates you’ve seen. As your energy prices may be shown including or excluding VAT, there’s a 5% difference in the figures depending on whether this VAT is included. Have you double-checked the Welcome email? I suspect that it will state the prices are excluding VAT whilst those shown on your IHD include the 5% VAT.


Hope this helps explain - Do pop back if you’ve got any more questions about using your IHD to monitor your energy usage. :slight_smile:

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Glad someone bought this up, been with Boost after switching from OVO a year ago and my IHD still shows OVO Variable and pre price increase unit and standing charge rates!

Is it the IHD, No? the IHD reads from Smart meter and to test I went outside to cupboard and “played” with buttons to confirm the Smart Meter says exactly the same…

I got the SMETS1 meter I believe they may need to role out a firmware update in future?

Smart Meter and IHD display is well designed you really can’t mess anything up without a security code!

I looked through all User options on my Smart Meter and IHD, there is still juice coming in and no smoke coming out of it yet :-)



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Welcome back @AztecUK,


Strange to hear that the unit rates you’ve seen on both your IHD and smart meter screen haven’t updated since your move to Boost. If the meter is in communication, these unit rates should update automatically to ensure you’re always being charged the correct amount for what you use. If you’ve checked these against the prices you’ve been sent from Boost and things aren’t adding up (factoring in the 5% VAT difference mentioned above) it might be worth raising this one to the Support Team to make sure everything’s up-to date.


I hope this helps get things sorted - Do pop back if you need any more advice! :thumbsup: