The Chameleon In Home Display (IHD) 6 User Guide

  • 20 January 2021
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The Chameleon In Home Display (IHD) 6 User Guide
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Updated on 29/03/2021: The app now features the ability to view your balances. Further info on this here.


Get familiar with your new IHD


With the recent changes to our app, many of your will have been sent a new Chameleon In Home Display (IHD) 6. So we thought it would be handy to have a dedicated topic guide for this device. 



The default screen on these are often set to “Usage today” rather than your current balance. There is a simple fix to get your balance as the home screen default:


Choosing Your Home Screen Layout


From SETTINGS you can also change the view of your home screen according to your personal preference by selecting HOME screen. This option will give you four different home screen layouts to choose from. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the options. Once you have chosen the screen view you prefer, press SET to save the settings. 


Here’s an idea of the screens to look out for: 










There is also a super handy user guide here.


The video and guide were created by Chameleon Technology you can find them here


If we’ve missed anything out, please leave a comment below!

20 replies

I've spotted my electricity meter today with the screen saying "application FW 07.04.00" and if I press any button it doesn't react: it keeps showing only this. The red indicator closest to the screen turns on for a few seconds and then it turns off for more time. See the picture below..

The smart display in my house shows two signal bars for the connection to the meter and it’s not stable all day (when it drops to one bar it gets disconnected)...can you kindly increase the zigbee transmitter power a little bit? If I connect it to the wifi it loses the connection to the meter and from 2 signal bars it drops to 1 bar...

The last bit: I've received the previous old meter credit on electricity but not on gas.

Thank you.



latest update: the IHD6 smart screen is showing only the gas data and the electric side disappeared. I’m thinking that they run an update on the electric meter but something went wrong...what should I do now if I need to enable the emergency credit? I can’t even know the credit...I’ll try to top-up a bit asap...

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Hi @mxmx and thanks for posting this - lots of handy info and a picture really helps!


If the smart meter has been recently fitted, it’s likely there is still work being done behind the scenes with regards to the firmware (that’s what the screen display is referring to) and the devices (such as the gas and IHD) connected to the Home Area Network (HAN). It can take weeks from previous experience. 


Can you confirm when it was fitted and if you’ve been able to top up either meters? We’ll piece this together from the info you give. If you can’t top up and concerned about going off supply, please call us: 0330 102 7517

fitted on 16/11. I've topped up via Paypoint and the electricity is still on so far.

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Thanks @mxmx yep this is likely effected by us setting up your meters. if the gas isn’t set up fully, it shouldn’t disconnect. 


However it shouldn’t take this long, as least it shouldn’t for the core features of taking credit and deducting usage. Please can you report this with the Support team and they can pass it on to the S2 team: 0330 102 7517

Hi, I’m struggling to find a way of getting hold of someone for some help. So basically I’m running low on my gas, I only know this if I go and check my meter outside. For some reason ever since I’ve had my smart meter it does not show up my gas information on the screen only my electric. Also I’ve been having issues with my gas card at pay points... every time I go top up there’s an issue and they have to keep scanning the card about 6 times before it works. Now this is not working at all and I have no way of topping up as apparently my account is yet to be set up? I also have no emergency credit option on my smart meter. it’s freezing and I’m worried that I’m going to run out, which is an inconvenience especially as I’m working from home. I’ve had nothing but issues and if these are not rectified I’m just going to go to a different company. if I’m honest I’ve heard nothing but bad things about boost ever since I registered

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Hey @Jessica.Robinson 


I’ve moved your comment here, so that you’re able to find more advice and info about the IHD issue you’re having! We recommend plugging it in as close to your electricity meter as possible, and leaving it for around 24 hours. This should give the IHD time to receive all the information to display to you! 


As for topping up, it sounds like you’re top up card is a little worn. As we’re currently not office based due to the pandemic, we’re unable to issue new ones! So we’ve come up with new ways for customers to top up and be contact free.


You can use the new Boost Top Up app, which you can find more handy info about here. You can also generate your own barcodes for the PayPoints to scan. 


I hope this has been helpful. Should you need any more help from us you can pop us a message on our Facebook page here. 


Take Care :slight_smile:



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Since the announcement of change of service. I've been given an IHD, which doesn't work and is  permanently stuck in August 23rd 2019. I've had my gas metre reading vanish twice, I've had hours of time on hold on the phone... And I will now be forcibly put on a service, not on the level that I signed up for.


Really is shocking service 

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I’ve moved your message here @psychoduck, as it’s relating to the IHD. 


It sounds like the IHD may need to be unpaired and repaired with your meters. This will need to be done with our Care team.


Once re-paired you’ll need to leave your IHD next to your electricity meter for 24 hours to allow all the data to sync. 


You can reach the team Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, on 0330 102 7517.  Whilst I understand our call volumes were previously high, our team have worked exceptionally hard and they’re now resuming back to normal. 

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My ihd isn't pairing... 


I have ihd6 and s1 (16p) meters.... 


The flashing wan shows strong signal of 5 flashes then a break.  


The ihd has been connected to the broadband successfully for 48 hrs now and isn't showing any signs of picking up signals..


The meter is i. The open and the ihd is within 2 meters of the box so distance shouldn't be an issue... Please advise

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Hey @splreece1978 - I’ve moved your question over here so we can keep everything IHD related together.


In this instance, the best advice I can give is to call us on 0330 102 7517. They’ll most likely need to un-pair the device from the meters, then re-pair it again.


They’re available 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday, and 9am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday as well.




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What do I do as mine has lost connection and everything you have told me to do hasnt worked. Please help!!

My Chameleon smart meter monitor keeps turning itself on and off is it possible someone could point me in the right direction to get this sorted please.  

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What do I do as mine has lost connection and everything you have told me to do hasnt worked. Please help!!


Ahh sorry to hear this, @Charlie7992 


There’s a series of checks you can do to diagnose connection issues. It could be a number of things causing this, unfortunately. 


At the top left of the device, what is the signal bar saying? How far is the device from your electric meter? Try moving it closer to see if there’s any changes. 


@Marcoos45 this is a strange one. I’ve moved your comment over to our guide topic. I’d suggest looking at the tutorial video for an overview. As for the device turning itself off and on again, I have actually never heard of this. It sounds obvious, but it’s worth checking the connection between the plug and the power adaptor, and the power cable and the device. Let’s go from there and see if we can figure this out. A picture of the device when on would help…..

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Most of Sunday 14/2/21 and all of today 15/2/21 my IHD has been saying connection lost. For the week prior to this, it was losing connection but gaining it back after a short period. I have tried taking it down closer to the meter, but no change at all.

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@Highlinder28 - It may be best to get in touch on 0330 102 7517 so that we can look at un-pairing the display from the meters, then re-pairing it again. This seems to resolve most issues, so if it’s not gaining connection again, this would be what I’d advise.


They’re available 8am - 8pm weekdays, and 9am - 5pm weekends.

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@Highlinder28 - It may be best to get in touch on 0330 102 7517 so that we can look at un-pairing the display from the meters, then re-pairing it again. This seems to resolve most issues, so if it’s not gaining connection again, this would be what I’d advise.


They’re available 8am - 8pm weekdays, and 9am - 5pm weekends.

Well turned out that the IHD was done for and only after a few months, not even moved or anything. So now new one has been ordered.

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Glad to hear you’re getting a new one, @Highlinder28, fingers crossed this one lasts a bit longer! 

How do you pair the ihd 6 to smart meter ? Having tried to get help via customer services over the phone and failed because the person told me to plug it in at the side of the meter and leave for 24 hr... 

Having a go at pairing myself the ihd is constantly saying waiting under pair CAD to account, the WiFi signal on both meter and ihd are fine so can anyone advise please

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How do you pair the ihd 6 to smart meter ?



Hi @Nicola2467 and thanks for posting. 


If your IHD isn’t paired with your smart meter, it needs pairing. How to check?


Signal bars solid > IHD is paired.
Signal bars flashing > Needs to be paired


This needs doing when you’re by the IHD, and with the help of our Support team, who perform an action remotely to open up the smart meter network. Give us a call to sort this when you’re at home, on: 0330 102 7517.


Hope this helps!