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I have just put on emergency credit on my SMETS1 meter,it is telling me on my meter that it was accepted,why does it not show on my IHD,the only thing that is showing is the original balance,will it get cut off?

thank you

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You cannot add emergency credit via your IHD on a SMETS1,You have to add it via your smart meters,

Press 7 on keypad

you will see a message saying EC offer

Tap A to accept

then tap B to confirm

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Welcome back, @biscuit.


A great question this one. As you mention the Emergency Credit is showing on your balance when checking the meter itself, this confirms this credit has been added. As its the balance on the meter itself which controls your supply you shouldn’t be disconnected until the balance shown here reaches £0.


If your In-Home Display (IHD) hasn’t yet updated to show this additional credit, it may just need some time to catch-up. Unless there’s any connection issues between the IHD and the meters this should reflect any changes within an hour. If it’s been over an hour you might need to move the device closer to your meters and try restarting (by switching the IHD off and then back on).

Let us know if this gets things sorted.