Smart PAYG app freezes after confirming payment details preventing top up - how do I top up?

  • 23 April 2021
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I am tryng to top-up my electricity through the app but it freezes after confirming payment details and the website that you have posted on this website does not work.


To be honest, ever since this change, the user friendliness of Boost has gone right out of the window and I will be looking to leave, even my email sent a month ago about my concerns have gone unanswered. Seriously not happy.


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4 replies

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Why can't I get into the new app? I have followed the instructions from the email you sent me and it keeps telling me that the service is not working and to try later. It's now 24hrs later and Im still locked out. Utter shambles. I've already arranged to switch. This isn't the service I signed up for anymore. You've totally ruined something that worked perfectly and bought you all your customers and now we're all leaving again for other suppliers. Somebody needs hang from the nearest lamp-post for this monumental balls up. 

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Hi @MT82LFC and thanks for sharing this issue here. Sorry to hear about your experience since the move to Smart PAYG. 


I’m keen to hear if any other app users were effected over the weekend…. and @MT82LFC can you confirm the latest with this?


As you mention, using the Smart PAYG browser version (here) is an alternative to topping up on the app, also you can use the top up card at a PayPoint, or the ‘Pay in store’ app feature, which generates a barcode, to scan at the PayPoint rather than typing in a 19 digit code.


For any continued issues with this app top up feature, please contact our Support team directly so this can be raised: 0330 102 7517. 

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How frustrating, @RazorSix - I can fully appreciate when it’s time to top up you could do without these log in issues. 


Can you let me know if this still an issue, and if you get the same message when you log in via your browser? Link here


Any more info you provide will help others who might also be seeing this error message. In the meantime if you’re low in credit, top up directly at a PayPoint. No cards to top up? You’ll need to drop us a call to get this sorted: 0330 102 7517

Nightmare morning electricity.

Your new app is frozen & crap.....cant access at all.

Normally when new things are introduced, their an improvement!.

Some half wit wants their backside kicking for this blunder!.

Searching for new suppliers today!.