• 10 March 2022
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After recently  having latest smart meters fitted then upgraded to PAYG
With a few hiccups and finally got the relevant numbers. 
Have not tried to top up yet with app / paypoint  but had confirmation email account open
wont go into detail but i am not convinced its all  sorted

Its a 50 mile return trip  after making several prior i dont want to waste a journey and
time for another  fiasco. Hopefully it has all gone well

Asked a next door to pop in and try the emergency they said no joy.
Wont rule out he did not do it right but thinks he did
Not sure  Does emergency work before the first payment app or paypoint transaction ?
Or do you have to add credit before that function works ?
Would ask if OVO can confirm  if its working from their end but would be quicker going to check ?

Does anyone have a definitive answer ?

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A really complex one to unravel this one, @Inhouse.


Just to confirm, you’d need to make an initial top-up in order to access the emergency credit option. If the meters are off-supply when you make the initial top-up you’d need to reactivate the supply by pressing ‘A’, ‘A’ ‘B’ on the meters keypad once you’ve topped up. This is a security measure to make sure appliances are checked before re-activating the supply.


I hope this helps and you’re able to get topped up and on-supply shortly.

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Thanks Jess it does

Thought it may be case