Smart Meter Issues - Replacing with credit meters?

  • 24 March 2021
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I had smart meters installed a couple of weeks ago and it’s been a total nightmare! I was unable to top up for days, the credit from my old meters was never transferred across and I was in emergency credit for the best part of a week. Eventually they connected the electricity meter but despite me calling every day the gas meter wasn’t working, to the point where my supply ended up being cut off. They sent out an emergency engineer who came round and just removed the smart meter and replaced it with an old card meter! So now I have one smart meter and one card top up meter and no one at Boost seems to be able to tell me what has happened or what to do about it! I have also since then had 2 sets of smart top up cards through the post...I don’t even know what for? They obviously have no clue what’s gone on.

The whole thing has been a nightmare to be honest and what I’d really like to do is have the pre-payment meters removed (I live in a rented property and they were the existing meters, but I really don’t need to be on a pre-pay energy plan). Does anyone know how I can go about having them replaced for credit meters? I can’t seem to find out how to do this online.

Any help or advice from people with similar experiences would be greatly appreciated!


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This was really disappointing to read, @clloyd92! 


When smart meters are installed it can take up to 72 hours before they’ve live on our systems, which means we may not be able to add you previous credit for 5 working days. You’ll be in a non-disconnect mode while we get the meters to set up to avoid you being disconnected. However, customers can still top up on the app whilst you’re waiting for this to happen. We have some great pages on our website that explains smart meters and the process in more detail here


You’ve received two cards because one will be for your electric and one would’ve been for your gas. However, I’d recommend keeping hold of your gas one incase you have another smart meter installed. 


To rearrange another gas smart meter appointment, you’ll need to give our Care team a call. They’re here Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, and you can reach them on 0330 102 7517. They’ll be able to arrange a 17 working day appointment for you, and book a 4 hour time slot that suits you. 


As Boost is a prepayment only service, we’re unable to offer a Direct Debit/pay monthly plan. You can find more details about this on another topic in the best answers. 



@Emily_Boost this is over 2 weeks later. It took 5 days for the electricity meter to connect and I had to call someone to get that done. The gas meter never connected properly and I was repeatedly assured I was in ‘non-disconnect’ mode during this time but my supply still ended up being disconnected! It was not possible for me to top up during this time and the existing credit has never been passed on.

I am aware you get 2 cards, one for gas and one for electric. What I am saying is that I have received multiple sets of both of these for some reason, with different top up numbers so clearly connected to different meters.

I am very wary of having another gas smart meter installed because I was told by the emergency engineer that this happens very frequently with your meters. I would like to find out how I can switch to a credit meter supplier so that I no longer have to use Boost.

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That’s very odd that you’ve received multiple cards, @clloyd92, it sounds like a set have been sent out in error.


I can understand your concern of having another gas smart meter installed, if you’ve already had issues with the previous one, but I’d recommend doing so, as smart meters make pay as you go tariffs much easier. Not only would you then be able to top both up from the app, we’d also have better visibility of your meters here, meaning most issues can be easily addressed.