No card slot for gas card to top up my meter, how do I add credit?

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i don’t have a slot in my meter for a gas top up card to go in and don’t have a gas card only card i have is for toping both same time we are due to switch over to smart next wednesday so worried wont have any gas and it not good for my disabled wife i have rang a number of times but keep getting cut off and work most days 

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HI @dave1974 and thanks for posting. 


If your gas meter doesn’t have a card slot to insert your card, it sounds like it might be a smart meter. Could you send a photo?


Have you recently moved in to this property, or had a meter exchange? How have you topped up this meter before? 


With this info, I’m sure we’ll be able to help you. In the meantime if you think your credit is low and you’re in danger of going off supply, please call us ASAP: 0330 102 7517. We are seeing large call volumes this week but we’re doing everything we can to get to everyone. There’s a call back feature available to avoid you having to wait, which you can select when calling. 



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thanks for reply, my wife normally tops our meters up via the website using her debt card we did have new meters put in when joined OVO a few year ago, we have finally spoken to customer service after my wife sent a message via facebook and we found out we could not get threw coz we are with sky and there are issues between sky and 0330 numbers she got another number from facebook i have been told a card will be sent out next week and i can use it at shop where the amount will go straight to my meter or my wife can carry on paying like she normally does thanks again