New Boost Smart PAYG app has my payment details wrong but why does it say default card payment settings can't be deleted?

  • 20 November 2020
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Been switched over to PAYG Smart. On the new Boost app it had my bank card expiry date wrong ( old one was fine) so can't top up on line. I tried to delete it and re input it but won't let me. Keeps saying default card payment settings can't be deleted?? Yes I've tried to delete the app and re download but still the same thing


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5 replies

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Hi @Martin Handley can you help us figure this one out? 


Have you been able to amend these details? There should be an option to amend these. Free free to send over a screenshot of the menu, taking care to avoid any personnel info being shared.  


Have you got a top up card you could use in the meantime? 

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Any luck on this one yet - @Martin Handley?


If you’ve got it resolved, it would be great for others in the a similar position to here how you fixed it.


Also, if you haven’t tried this already, it’s worth un-installing and re-installing the app. We did a few updates recently, and doing this will make sure you have the most up-to-date, and bug free, version!

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Uninstalling and reinstalling makes no difference. I am now unable to top up as I don’t have the top up cards. 

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Hi @DuncanPoundcake I’ve responded to your other comment about this. I’m going to post it again here and get this best answer reassigned:


To manage which payment card is linked to your Smart PAYG account, go to the app or the browser and navigate to:


My cards


All debit cards or bank cards can be managed from here. If you want to remove an old bank card and replace it with a new one, that can be processed from this page.


If this isn’t possible for any reason, could you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and if nothing changes, please flag this with the Support team, who can raise this with the developers and also help you get that payment card changed for you: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile)

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You've been told wrong. You need to add a new card (in this case your old card with right expiry date) then make it the default card. As your wrong card will no longer be the default card it can then be deleted