My In Home Display confirms that there's no debt, so why does it confirm a repayment rate of £0.75?

  • 16 April 2021
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So we have no debt and never had yet the in home display is saying debt being taken at £0.75 per day. I noticed in the last 2 weeks or so money seems to be going quicker with no extra usage or price increase so assume it’s this. What is going on ?



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Great question this, @lottie99 


I’m going to assume that you’re on Smart PAYG, where you can top up each meter individually via the app or at a PayPoint. 


If you are, you can check the debt balance on the IHD or on the meter itself. How you check the meter depends on which meter model. My advice is to type in the name of the meter manufacture, and ‘how do I check debt balance and repayment’ into a search engine and you’ll find out how to confirm this using the meter display screen. 


Once you’ve confirmed there’s no debt showing, you can disregard the debt repayment. That simply shows you the rate you’ll repay any debt when there’s a debt applied to the meter. if there is a debt, please call us to get this checked and removed: 0330 102 7517.


Let us know how this goes - it would be great to hear back from you as this will help anyone else with the same question. 




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Hi Tim

Thank you for your reply, yes we were moved to PAYG Smart yesterday. As you will see from the top photo we have no debt. I spoke with an advisor whom said that the 75p has been added today (midnight) .I do hope it is as you say and just showing a standard debt rate if someone were to have debt however I find it strange that it was added the same time we were moved over. It was not showing on the IHD last week.

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Thanks for this update, @lottie99 - just to check:


I spoke with an advisor whom said that the 75p has been added today (midnight)


Does that mean the 75p was added back to your account, indicating that this was deducted from your balance in error? 


I’m keen to get to the bottom of this so we can make sure you’re not having credit deducted, that way we can get a best answer assigned...

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I am having exactly the same problem but the 75p charge is only showing on my gas account. I have no debt on my meters and the IHD confirms this also.

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I’m really keen to get to the bottom of this, @ems7972


@lottie99 are you able to confirm if your IHD still specifies this standard repayment rate, with nothing being deducted? 

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Nothing has been added back to account, advisor said someone had altered our account at midnight that day in question and put this 75p debt collection rate onto it. They have no idea why as we have no debts and NEVER HAVE HAD!!  As of now I have had no communication regarding this and it has been weeks now. We are arranging a move to another supplier due to the complete lack of CS,

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Really not great to hear that the 75p repayment rate was added on that day. Hopefully no actually credit was taken, but with smart meters, it’s easy to track, and easy to re-add.


To get this checked and to save you calling, email our Support team and simply copy and paste the URL link to this topic thread, to - that should do it!

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Well i already emailed to that link several weeks ago and not even an acknowledgement let alone a response. if it’s so easy why don’t you do  it?


WE have now arranged to move to another supplier