My gas smart meter isn't communicating, the engineer booked doesn't show up and now I have unpaid energy to pay off?

Good morning, 

Has anyone else had problems with there pay as you go smart meters not communicating, I have had this issue for the past year and half and I have phoned them over 10 times, every time they book an engineer and they don't turn up, now I have had a over £300 bill added to my meter yet again, and as a single mum only working part time due to having a young child with autism, I can't afford to pay it off in one go so I now have to pay it off each day for years, I have already reported this to trade and standards. 


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Hi @Sharon084 and thanks for posting this. 


It sounds like a really bad experience. If you haven’t already, please consider raising this as a complaint. You can do this online here


If your gas meter can’t send us your usage info remotely (to allow the prepayment setting your tariff requires), it might be for a number of reasons. Bad signal between the meters, bad signal between the electricity meter and us. Maybe the gas meter isn’t ‘commissioned’. I’m not sure, but some things can be fixed by an engineer visit. If we’ve booked in an appointment with you, and the engineer doesn’t show or give you at least 24 hours notice, you’ll be owed missed appointment compensation. 


I’d recommend you check to make sure you’re not missing out on any compensation, and also to rebook that appointment so we can get your usage deducted from your meter balance daily. 


Hope this helps,



Hi @Tim_Boost I have already raised a complaint and got no where, they have just said they will re book the engineer that is meant to be coming out on the 5th May, and now they have added an over £300 debt to my prepayment meter and I am having to pay for it. 



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Thanks for that reply, @Sharon084 - in your complaint did you discuss the missed appointments, so that it can be checked if you’re owed any compensation? Feel free to email a link to this thread so the agent understands what they need to check on your behalf: 


Come back to update us if you can!

Yes I did and they are saying there was only 1 booked, I have one booked for today my time slot was 8-12 but as of yet no-one has shown up.

Absolutely fuming so after waiting in all day, and a year and a half I finally get an engineer, who doesn't deal with prepayment meters and they are saying that boost should come out and fit a new meter, so now I have got to phone boost back. Absolutely ridiculous, I am getting in touch with my solicitor and they can sort it, boost are a totally waste of space 

@Tim_Boost they are now refusing to come and install a new gas meter because I have escalated my complaint with citizens advice.

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Really sorry to hear about that other failed appointment, @Sharon084


As you raised this with Citizens Advice, they’ll be in touch with our Complaints team directly. I’ll private message you now to get an account number, and make sure this happens. 



Absolutely disgusting company!! 
saying we owe £41 pound even though we pay as you go because our THEY! couldn’t get a reading but yet it’s our fault and we have to pay THEM! money 😂😂

Tried to change over to a different supplier today but the IDIOTS! Havnt updated to us the national data base and when we tried to query this their response was “it takes 7-10 days” we have been with them for 5 months due to moving to our new house and taking over who the pervious owners were with. 

PLEASE PLEASE!!! Tell everyone about how crap this company is and advise everyone to not join this dreadful company!!!!!!!! 

it will be the worse thing you do trust me.!!!! 


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Thanks for posting, and sharing this, @Lauren1995. I’ve moved it over to this thread, as it’s another example of a smart meter not sending readings so that we don’t know how much you’re using, resulting in unpaid energy. Undoubtedly a bit of a shock when you found out and I’m sorry to hear about it. 


I’m not sure exactly what’s happened with your listing on the national database. It sounds more like an update is needed, but this is unclear from your message. When any necessary change is done, a switch away will be possible, but I must say that I thought updating this database would take longer then the 7-10 days you were told. It’s a third party that administers this database...  


If there’s anything we can do here to help or advise, just reply below with more info and we’ll do our best. 


What a absolute joke, had to phone boost as they have switched me to the new payg plus and I couldn't see my balance so I didn't want to top up without knowing what my balance was, they have give me the complaints number as I took them to the omnibus and I have rang them and apparently I shouldn't of rang them direct and the boost agent was wrong to give me the number direct to them. 

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Hi @Sharon084 and thanks for this update - it’s obviously not what anyone was hoping for here, really sorry to hear. 


I think I can work out what’s caused this outcome. When a complaint has been escalated to the complaints team, or escalated to the Ombudsmen in your case, any contact from that customer that relates to the complaint needs to be sent to the team working that complaint. Otherwise details about the complaint and the resolution get mixed up. 


It sounds like the agent you spoke to saw the notes that indicated a complaint was escalated from the complaints team, so they would need to be the ones from Boost that you speak to. The complaints team in turn know that the complaint is actually with the Ombudsman, and the issue you called about might (or might not) be related, but needs sorting now directly with Boost. In this case I agree with them, assuming my guess is right. 


Perhaps an understandable mix up, but this doesn’t help you does it. Please use our Support number to discuss how your gas meter that isn’t in communication with us, is going to work with the new Smart PAYG set up. It’s important that your supply is kept on, and you’re able to pay for your usage. That needs sorting alongside any complaint with the Ombudsman: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile). 


Hope this gets sorted quickly!

So they have now moved me to this new PAYG smart thing I finally got IHD unit and they are reckoning the my bill for this period is as in the picture, what a absolutely joke 


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That doesn’t seem right, @Sharon084 - Looks like there’s a technical error with the device or it may not be paired up to your meters so isn’t showing you accurate info. Really not what you need at this point, really sorry, but let’s see what we can do to get it sorted.


If you haven’t already seen it there’s some IHD trouble-shooting advice on this topic -


1 - Check the distance to the electricity meter, has the IHD been moved? 

Try to keep the IHD within a max of 6 metres from the electricity meter. The signal will decline significantly with walls.

2 -  Has the IHD shown data previously or has anything changed e.g. obstructions?

If the IHD was previously showing data, check if anything has changed in the home that could have caused the loss of communication.

3 - Is the IHD showing the correct time?

If it's not showing the correct time, the IHD is not paired.

4 - Check the IHD signal bars

Signal bars solid > IHD is paired.
Signal bars flashing > Needs to be paired by our Support team: 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile)

5 - Try turning off for several minutes before turning back on.


Let us know if any of these steps help to fix the issue  - if the time shown on the screen isn’t right the correct time or the signal symbol is flashing give the team a call on 0330 102 7517 to make sure the IHD is paired up to the meters. 


Hope this helps and you begin seeing a more accurate picture of your usage costs there soon.


@Jess_Boost I have had nothing but technically faults with boost they are a joke.

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I’m really sorry to hear about the many technical issues you’ve experienced, @Sharon084 - that’s really frustrating and I understand you’ve spent a lot of time trying to get these issues sorted out.

Did any of the trouble-shooting advice above help fix the information you’re seeing on your In-Home Display?

Is the In-Home Display as close to the meters as you can have it plugged in? Did you try reboot the device by holding the power button for 5 - 10 seconds?

If you’ve tried these steps and are still unable to see the correct usage costs give the team a call on 0330 102 7517 (0117 370 1041 from a mobile) as the IHD might need to be re-paired to the meter.


Let us know when you get things resolved - this will be really helpful info for others who may have this same problem in future.


Hope this helps.

Yes I did do the trouble shooting and I rang boost up and I got a very sarcastic response off the lady that told me "well you have things plugged in don't you" so yet another disgusting experience with customer services 

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Wow not good, @Sharon084 - I’m sure the agent didn’t intend for this to come across as sarcastic. 


If it helps, feel free to let us know the results of the troubleshooting here. For example, what are the IHD signal bars saying? 

So boost obviously don't want to take responsibility for there issues they are having and removed my last post, that's fine I will get in touch with the papers and air all the dirty laundry in them 

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Really sorry to hear about your on-going Smart meter issues, @Sharon084 

Whilst we appreciate the frustration this is causing we did have to remove your latest comment as it breached our community house rules which you can read here.

We'll do our best to advise here but do ask that you refrain from swearing in your posts.

Hoping you get a quick response from the team and those meter issues resolved.


Hi Sharon

I have had a similar experience. My smart meters stopped communicating last September and after numerous calls I eventually had an engineer visit in February this year who said the meters needed replacing. I then had to call back to arrange another engineer visit for march ( you must give them 4 weeks notice). This engineer never turned up so another call, another appointment. I was told there are not a lot of engineers in my area yet one lives down the road from me and another a few streets away!

so again another 4 weeks this was then cancelled and rearranged, yet another 4 weeks I eventually ended up with an appointment for early June. This was followed by a call from the call centre after a couple of days saying that they could now visit in early May. Result. The engineer turned up and changed the meters succesfully but were on credit not prepayment so another call!! during this time I have complained twice and also been offered compensation for the failed appointment but no sign of that. MY IHD works fine however my phone app doesnt show Gas credit and to add insult to injury they now say I have a debt of £1607.82, More than a years usage

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Really sorry to hear of your experience with your smart meter and the missed appointments in trying to get the issue resolved, @steviejon1. It’s so disappointing to hear that this has resulted in a large energy balance to repay - It’s a really tricky situation to find yourself in - as all energy used must be paid for we’d recommend others to continue topping up the usual amount - even if your smart meters are not communicating. 


In your case we’d really encourage you to speak to the Support Team (0330 102 7517 or 0117 370 1041 from a mobile) - who can chase up the £30 compensation you’re owed for any missed appointments. They’ll also be able to discuss an affordable repayment plan for clearing this outstanding balance.


Glad to hear you’re now able to check your meter balance on your IHD - there’s a few reasons why this might not be currently showing on the app - See the info given on this thread below -


Will I be able to see my balance in the new Boost Top-up app?

Yes, but it might take up to 3 days to show after downloading the app for the first time. Your balance will be updated each day after midnight. That said, if your meters aren't communicating with us frequently, your balance might not show at all – or be out of date.


Why isn’t the balance showing on my app?

It could be that you don’t have the latest version of the Boost Top-up app. You need to download it (App Store or Google Play) and use it to top-up – your balance will then show after midnight. 


One thing to note is that your balance might take up to 3 days to show after downloading the latest version.


There’s also a chance that you can’t see your balance because the connection between us and your smart meters has dropped out, and we’re not receiving data. This might happen on some meters as we experience a few teething problems with the new app.  But rest assured, we're looking to fix them as soon as possible. You can find more about this in our troubleshooting FAQs section (below). 


Hope this info helps.

Thank you Jess

I realise that I have to pay for energy used however £1607 from the end of September 2020 to 9th May 2021 seems a bit excessive considering I pay about £1200 a year!

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Hi @steviejon1, wow yes that's a big different and this needs looking into.

The charges outlined would be based on meter readings, so our Support team would need to make sure the readings from start to finish match up with what's on the ground. I'd recommend you get an actual photo showing your latest meter reading (if you're not sure how to do this, send us a photo of your meter and we can advise), and send this photo to our Support team via email:, along with a request to get the charges (and the meter readings used to calculate this) looked at closely. We'd allow 5 working days for this to be looked at.


Hope the Support team can get to the bottom of these charges for you. Let us know the outcome here and if we can do anything more to help.:slight_smile:

@steviejon1 I have been the same, with large amount of gas being billed, they get you when they ask you for your meter reading and then they add more on the bill. My gas has very conventional started to communicate, I had a new meter fitted on the 1st and it has taken 15 days to start communicating again, boost are an absolute joke I am still waiting 9 days later for an engineer to ring me after I complained it was still not communicating, yet they said someone would phone me within 24 hours from when I called. 

It has been excuse after excuse with them.

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Once again I’m really sorry to hear of the continued issues you’ve been having with your gas smart meter, @Sharon084 and the high gas charges that have been applied.


It’s something that needs to be looked into with you directly, making sure the charges are correct and the communication issues investigated. I know this has already been raised a complaint so a member of the complaints team should be in touch with you to discuss things further.


If you’ve failed to hear from them in the promised time-frame, give the team a call on 0330 102 7517 or 0117 370 1041 from a mobile.


I’m really hoping that a resolution can be reached and the issues resolved ASAP for you.