Is it possible to switch a SMETS2/Aclara electric meter to an Economy 7 tariff?

  • 2 November 2021
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I’m just wondering if anyone can offer some advice on this, as I can’t quite find a clear answer. 

I have a SMETS2 electric meter (an Aclara SGM1411-B), and I’m interested in changing from the standard Smart PAYG tariff to an Economy 7 tariff. In short, I’d like to install a storage heater as part of raising an EPC rating (but I don’t require any wiring changes, just to have a tariff with peak/off-peak times). 

Is it possible to change to an Economy 7 tariff (no need for an Economy 7 meter, just the tariff - prior to the SMETS2 meter, it was a standard prepayment meter), or is this not possible with a SMETS2 meter? If not, any vague idea of when this might be a possibility?

Thanks in advance, it’s all a bit unclear to me. 

1 reply

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Hi @tappouni and Welcome to the Boost Forum,


A great question to ask about the possibility of switching your SMETS 2 meter into an Economy 7 mode to support your storage heater installation. As long as your meter is in communication with us, it should be possible for us to make this change remotely. Get in touch with the Support Team to request this - quickest way to reach them is via the webchat which you can access by clicking the yellow speech bubble on our Homepage.


Hope this information is helpful in deciding on your next step.