in house display unit keeps restarting

  • 15 March 2022
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my in home display has worked for the last 2 months, then earlier this week lost display… for the past 48 hours it keeps turning itself on and off, and won’t show any of my usage.

I’ve tried to turn it off and then on again but next to my physical meter in the hopes of making them re-pair. The unit says its lost wifi but is still connected to my wifi, which has remained stable throughout. help?

1 reply

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Great question, @Pam_B.


A re-booting In-Home Display suggests that the device is having communication difficulties. The Wi-Fi symbol you mention on the screen actually represents the Home-Area Network (HAN) connection between the IHD and your smart meters.


If you haven’t already a first trouble-shooting tip would be to move your IHD closer to your electricity meter and restart the device (by turning it off and on) after 24 hours. Whilst this sometimes does the trick, if you’re still noticing issues there could be some communication issues with the smart meters themselves which might need further investigations. 




If you’ve carried out the checks for your meter above and think you’ve spotted an issue, we’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team who can advise the next best steps.