I've switched to a different supplier - how could I owe money to Boost if I was prepayment?

  • 17 January 2021
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Recently left Boost Smart PAYG, we had credit in our account when we left but today have been asked for £45. How can we owe money when we paid for fuel in advance?


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Hi @Drac and thanks for posting this question. I can understand how being on a prepayment arrangement and leaving with a debt seems impossible.


It is possible to build up some unpaid debt though. Have you ever requested and been given discretionary credit? If you have smart meters, that balance sits with us, even if you have credit left when you switch. The amount you pay back every day (usually £1 per day) might not have cleared any remaining debt by the time the switch came about. 


If you’re in any doubt, give us a call to check: 0330 102 7517

Thanks - we were never in debt and usually topped up £50 at a time. It seems that the price went up and the meter never was adjusted to that, so we have been told, so annoyingly we have to find £45+ to pay it off now. Seems pointless having PAYG when you are not Paying As You Go. A warning to others out there.