I've been transferred from Economy Energy and I still haven't received my new cards - How can I top up?

  • 7 February 2019
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Totally conflicting information sent. I've emailed 3 times, tried ringing several times but your lines are so horrific and requested a callback, which I didn't receive. I found out days before that I was changed to you. I have tried to change supplier but apparently, at the moment no one will accept me because I am still coming over to you. You've told me I will receive my cards in the post... 2 days prior with the change over cards received? You've told me my old cards won't work???

Do you expect me to have no gas or electric with children in the house? Wouldn't be so bad if it was just no gas but I'm potentially going to be without both at this rate? What do you want me to do? Both my electric and gas are due to be topped up and I'm stuck - what am I suppose to do?.

I also want to point out you wrote I have 14 days cooling-off period? Surely that's incorrect as EE have ceased? And the new supplier I tried to change over to couldn't accept me. Also, I find it dreadful that you’re more expensive and I had no say in transferring as I only found out days prior. So now its more expensive, so my gas or electric isn't lasting as long, meaning I cannot gauge how long the last few pounds will last me. I've noticed since I've been with you how much faster my credit is going. I have a baby in my house!!! This whole thing is a complete shambles.

Can someone PLEASE ANSWER MY EMAILS. It is negligence. I understand you have taken a huge amount of new customers on but this all needs to be prioritised to ensure people are not left without. So how can this be resolved?


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Updated on 15/05/2020 - If you need a quicker response to a question, but can’t call, you can message us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


This is disappointing to read, @Beckyljenks - it's certainly not how we'd want your experience with Boost Power to begin.

Economy Energy customers with smart meters won't have access the Boost app yet. You'll need to keep topping up with your existing cards to avoid being disconnected. If you use the online portal to top up, you can also keep using this. We'll honour any credit balances you've got left with Economy Energy when you transfer over to us. We've noticed that there are some inaccuracies in the welcome letters/emails we've sent to customers. Normally we'd issue new cards to an onboarding customer. If you're coming over from Economy, we won't be just yet - keep using the ones you've got. If you've got traditional prepayment meters, keep using the key and card you've got.

A cooling off period wouldn't apply if you've been moved over to us from Economy Energy - this involves cancelling a switch and going back to the previous supplier. With Economy, there isn't a previous supplier there to fall back on as they've ceased trading.

With Boost we only have one tariff. This is variable, which means it can change depending on the wholesale cost of energy, but it also has no exit fees and no fixed term, which allows customers to switch freely.These prices will undoubtedly be slightly different from those you were paying with Economy. We don't offer loss-leading tariffs, or undercut other suppliers as we believe in fair and transparent pricing. We also aim to be sustainable - we want to be able to provide energy for our customers long term, so our prices are reflective of wholesale costs. They're also compliant with the Government price cap.

As I'm sure you can appreciate, a lot of customers were put in a similar situation to you when Economy Energy collapsed. Our response times increased quite a bit, but we're working really hard to get back to everyone who emailed in.

Hope this helps,