I'm not happy with the new Smart PAYG app - how can I view my previous and historic usage?

  • 9 April 2021
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I’ve just been switched to the new app and hadn’t appreciated how much of a step backwards it was. 
You only get the useful features of the previous app if you’re actually in the house. Previously this was on the app. Now I have to crawl on the floor to see the meter, but it only shows how much I’m currently using and the actual balance.

 I can’t see energy usage while away from home. How can I work out how much to top up with if I don’t know how much I’m using?

 I also hadn’t realised that I wouldn’t be able to see info on the old app. Otherwise I’d have screenshotted last year’s figures for comparison.

Any ideas how to get this information back?


3 replies

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Hi @Liverduck and thanks for this post. Sorry about the delay with my reply on this one.


We’ve recently made an update to the new Smart PAYG app, which lets you view a snapshot of your meter balance as of midnight the day before. More info here. Heads up, we’ve discovered that some customers with these latest smart meters see a delay of up to 3 days once the latest version of the app has been installed.


As for viewing your historical and previous usage, this isn’t currently available on the new Smart PAYG app. I know this is something that was really helpful to our PAYG+ customers. But for this info, please refer to your In Home Display (IHD). If you’ve not got an IHD, you can request this over the phone (0330 102 7517), or via Facebook. As this new app doesn’t show usage, the historic PAYG+ usage section will also not be available. 


The introduction of the ‘balance’ feature is an example of Boost improving Smart PAYG based on customer feedback, so this is really handy to know how important historical usage is. Is there other features of PAYG+ you’ll miss? 


Hope this helps,


Thanks - I’ve got an IHD.

Historical usage is something I used a lot - so for example, this year I had new double glazing fitted, so it was useful to look back at the same period the year before and see if I’ve saved. And bearing in mind that I’m now in the house all day, rather than away working all week, it was useful to see this information.


When I’m able to work properly again, it’s important to me to be able to track usage etc when I’m not in the house.

The automatic top up was great. I had a set amount every month, and another that it automatically topped up when the balance fell below a certain amount.  


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Whilst we’ve removed the auto-top up feature, you can still make scheduled top ups. These aren’t avaiable to set up via the app anymore but you can do this by getting in touch with our Care team on 0330 102 7517. You should still be able to view your balance on your app, as this is something we’ve added back in quiet recently. We also made a great topic about this here