I have smart meters, but I've received a electricity top up key?

  • 16 February 2018
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I am in the processes of switching over, but I received an email saying I will receive a card for my gas and a key for my electric... I think this may be wrong, as I don't have a key meter for electric at the moment.


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5 replies

What type of electricity meter do you have at the moment, @vicsta_1984 ?

How do you pay for your electricity?

Sorry for late reply
I pay with a prepayment card for both gas and electric with my current supplier. I haven't used a key in years.
I have a dual monitor thing that is in the kitchen where I am able to see current usage and how much is left for gas and for electric.
I'm worried incase my electric does go once I switch over 🙈 x

Updated on 30/09/2020: We have recently changed Smart PAYG. See this guide for info on the latest changes. Still got a question about the new Smart PAYG? Create your topic here to get it asked. The answer will help you and others! 

Thanks for getting back to us @vicsta_1984

It sounds like you've got smart meters, installed by your previous supplier. The first thing we'll need to do is check that they're compatible with Boost - if they're not, we'll need to exchange them (free of charge).

So that we can look into this further, please send us a PM via our Facebook page: - including your full name, full address and DoB.


Facebook have booted me out for 30 days! 😂😂 It seems nobody can take a joke.. Anyway, is there another link I could perhaps use to send this info? I'm due to switch over on 3rd March and don't want to miss that date, and/or lose energy services either from yourselves or old supplier.


Oh dear, @vicsta_1984😀

You can email the Care team on

Alternatively, if you've got Twitter you can send us a DM -