I can't log in to the new app - when I try to log in it tells me 'my email is already registered?

  • 12 November 2020
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I have been a customer for a while and since the new app was launched I can not log into it. It just tells me that my email is already registered.

I have called the call center 4 times about this and just get cut off when they “are looking into it….”. very frustrating especially after normally being on hold for an hour.  

I have a 12 week old baby and am facing the very real event of not being running out of electricity and not  being able to top up.   

Please sort this out. 


Best answer by Tim_Boost 17 November 2020, 18:03

This topic might be worth a look, @Tom Wayne.





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3 replies

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Sorry to hear this, @Tom Wayne 


Can you confirm if you’ve been sent an email to confirm you’ve been switched over from PAYG+ to Smart PAYG?


If you haven’t you’ll need to carry on using your PAYG+ account and the one top up card to top up. 



After six phone calls this has no been partially resolved. However, I must ask, which genius thought it would be a good idea to remove the balance feature on the app? the only decent thing that app had?  How many away days at Alton Towers were needed before the management thought that was a good idea?

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This topic might be worth a look, @Tom Wayne.