How to activate your emergency credit on Smart PAYG Standard

  • 23 April 2018
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Updated on 30/09/2020: We have recently changed Smart PAYG. See this guide for info on the latest changes. Still got a question about the new Smart PAYG? Create your topic here to get it asked. The answer will help you and others! 




If you've run out of credit with Smart PAYG Standard and you can’t top it up straight away, you'll want to activate your emergency credit. With Smart PAYG Standard, you’ll see a low balance on your meter or In Home Display (IHD), as well as a red light on your IHD. On the IHD, press the ‘E Credit’ button to get your emergency credit. Then the balance will count down to £0 from £5. giving you enough time to get to a PayPoint before it runs out. More info on this process here



2 replies

I have just activated my key in the meter took to the shop put on £5 it has nearly all come off as I forgot I was in emergency with old company. How can I put emergency on with new key?
Hey @Ecadd - just check out Tim's post above for help!