How does the 'barcode' top ups work with Smart PAYG?

  • 15 October 2020
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Is the PAYG nightmare scenario real ?  Boost is switching all it’s

PAYG customers to something called PAYG smart.  The new so called smart system,

offers several disadvantages compared to the old system.  But two of these, if they are true,

are quite worrying.  Firstly, the new smart app might only be available to people who have expensive smart phones, and are tech savvy enough to understand all the high tech.  Does Boost care about it’s elderly and learning difficulty customers ?  The new smart app might not work on laptops or computers with Microsoft.  Boost customers might have to rush out and buy expensive smart phones, take out expensive contracts, and master the tech, for the luxury of sending Boost some money, just before their gas and electric is cut off. 


But don’t worry.  If customers are to be excluded online, they can still pop to the corner shop, and use paypoint.  OR, can they ?  The scare stories talk about bar codes.  Not plastic cards, but bar codes.  What does this mean ?  Surely not bar codes you can only download onto an expensive Apple or Android phone ?  If this is true it means that anybody without a high tech phone wont be able to send any money to Boost. 


Well you could switch supplier.  Unless you have a first generation smart meter, which keeps you tied to Boost.  How do you switch supplier and get a new meter during lockdown ? 

If this is true, obviously people hope to god it is not true, and Boost will clarify this.  But if it is true it means people could be unable to switch supplier, and be stuck without gas or electric for six months, unable to send Boost any money, unless they buy a smart phone, and sign up with an expensive Apple contract. 

2 replies

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Thanks for posting this, @Simon5000 


I’ve made your topic title more targeted towards the PayPoint top up method, as this might help others find the answer (which I’ll post below). 


As for the Smart PAYG app/browser, this has been asked on another topic here - I’m getting info on that today. However the same applies to PAYG+ in terms of it being an app which would require you to have smart phone.  


SMETS1 smart meters are being upgraded from September 2020 - September 2021. When this happens, you can keep smart functionality with any supplier. There are a number of suppliers that will be able to connect with your Secure Liberty smart meter even before this upgrade. But you’ll need to check with them directly. 



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I’ve taken this answer from the FAQ with have on Smart PAYG. 


How can I top up if I can’t use the app?
You can still top up at an in-store PayPoint using the payment cards provided. The top ups will automatically reach your meter, but it’s a good idea to keep receipts just in case. 


So this tells me the barcode will be on a top up card or key ring card for topping up at a PayPoint