How do I submit my meter reading before April 1st?

  • 31 March 2022
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Hello I am reading on the news we need to submit our reading before April 1st I have taken pictures of the meters but I do not know if I should just email customer service?

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2 replies

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Snap. See how they Don tell us this. Plus it's so hard to find the right reading on the smart meters so gonna send pics of every single picture iv taken of both meters 

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Great question this one - @Vickisticki and @shankly1985.


As you’ve both got prepayment smart meters, you won’t need to give a meter reading to make sure you charges are up-to-date following April’s price change. This advice applies only to pay monthly customers who are charged based on the meter readings they (or their smart meter) send over.


Your charges are calculated in real-time as you can view when the balance on your meter reduces. The unit rates and standing charges you are charged are also updated automatically via a message sent by us to your meter. 


Hope this helps explain things - We’ve got more advice and support following this price change here.