How do I set a budget on my Chameleon In-Home Display(IHD)?

  • 22 January 2022
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I do not want to set a budget on my IHD,How can I do this, and what happens if there is a budget set and it goes past that?


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Hi @biscuit ,


Great question to ask this one! I’ve had a quick look at the Chameleon IHD guide which recommends:

Your display is set to a default budget. However, it is best for you to set your own budget to help you monitor and manage your energy consumption better. To set your budget, press MENU, then press BUDGET. Choose the fuel type you would like to set the budget for and press CHANGE. Tap the time period button to select either day, week, month, or year. Use the PLUS and MINUS buttons to increase or decrease your budget, press SET and then OK.


I believe once a budget is set, you’ll see an indicator of this on the home screen and how much energy you’ve used in comparison.


Have you taken a look at the tutorial for your device yet? This should be accessible via the device menu.


Let us know if this helps get a budget set! :ok_hand:


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Thank you I would just like to know if I do not want to set a budget  what would happen if on my IHD the default budget is passed,would my services be cut, and would the IHD show as blank

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Not to worry if you exceed the default budget on your IHD, @biscuit.


This wouldn’t affect your energy supply or the function of the device. The daily budget is designed to help you manage your energy usage, but other than a message showing on the display there’s no effect if you need to use more than the amount set on a certain day.


Did you manage to adjust the budget amount by following the directions above? :slight_smile: