How do I change PAN top up card number in the Smart PAYG app?


I’ve had nothing but trouble since I was forced over to the new app. Currently have two different PAN type numbers for each gas/electric.

One set of numbers were given to me over the phone where I was told to change them in the app and the other set are what is actually showing in the app - presumably some random strangers usage..


I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times but am not getting the option to change the 19 digit numbers. If I try to re-register, I am told my email account is already in use.


If I try to sign in on my laptop I am taken to the old app page 


Could anyone please advise how to change the PAN on the app?

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Hi @femmelibre and thanks for posting this question.


You’re able to change the payment allocation number (PAN) number linked to each meter in the ‘Manage accounts’ section of the app. 


‘Accounts’ refers to each energy supply, so in a standard dual fuel home you would expect to see two accounts; one for gas and another for electricity. Each will have a PAN, which can be added or replaced here. 


Do you have access to this ‘Manage accounts’ section? 

When I go into “Manage Accounts” I see a screen which says:

Smart TopUp Cards

Electricity (then the PAN)

Gas (PAN)

OR if you have a bar code…….

Add Smart Topup card


I have the option to delete the Electricity and Gas or add a Smart Topup



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That’s the one, @femmelibre. If you add your correct smart top up cards that you were given over the phone, and delete the older ones that don’t match the PAN numbers you were given, you’ll be able to top up via the app or use those at a PayPoint.


Let us know how it goes so we can mark this topic as solved!