How do I cancel my rolling top ups now that I'm on the new Smart PAYG?

  • 24 December 2020
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I have a rolling top up I want to cancel but this isn't on the app or site anymore. I've emailed boost at least 5 times and the response I got were someone emailed us from a different email address or we don't offer direct debit. 

I use the same email address and I don't want a direct debit I want to cancel the rolling top up that is on my account. 


Any help at all would be welcome at this point. 


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11 replies

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Hi @Rax1990 and thanks for posting this. 


It sounds like you’ve moved to the new Smart PAYG. This is a new app and offering, and doesn’t include rolling top ups. As a result, if you’ve been transferred over to Smart PAYG, your rolling top up should be cancelled by us. 


If it isn’t, this tells me you’re still on PAYG+. We haven’t moved everyone to Smart PAYG yet. 


What happens when you log into your PAYG+ app?

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Hi I am on the smart payg but despite loosing the ability to set up and change the rolling top up it is still being taken from my account. Please can you cancel this as I don't want to have to be tied into the full amount for another month. 

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Thanks @Rax1990, please be aware any account changes need to be made to our Support team: 0330 102 7517.


But before doing that, it’s worth considering that this has already been cancelled. Can you confirm that the rolling top up is still leaving your bank account? 


If it is, it tells me your PAYG+ account is still open and we need to get it closed. Please ring us (we’re open on New years eve) to get this done.  

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Yes it is still happening. I have been emailing and now contacting boost via here for weeks now. I have to say the customer service has been shockingly bad. 

It should have already been cancelled by boost but I have to phone you to get it done?

This is a joke now. Can't wait to switch to a different supplier!

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Sorry to hear this @Rax1990, I hope you’ve managed to get this resolved since you last messaged here?


If you’re still struggling to solve this issue, another contact method would be via either our Facebook or Twitter pages.


All the best,

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This has not been resolved. I have been hung up on, lied to and told different things. Why should I have to sign up to Facebook or twitter to get this resolved?


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That’s really not good to hear @Rax1990.


Apologies, I was providing you with some alternative communication platforms to get an agent reply. You’re not required to do this, but it may help as the online support reply times are quite quick.


It’s a real shame to know you’re still trying to get this resolved after this time.

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so when I phoned boost on the 31/12/202o I was told  my rolling top up would be cancelled and I would receive a confirmation. this didn’t happen. I then phoned on the 02/01/2021 and was hung up on, I phoned back and told it would be cancelled I wouldn't receive confirmation but I would get a refund within 5-10 days. 16 days later nothing to show that it has been cancelled and no refund! how is it this hard to get anything done!

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I’m really sorry to hear of the trouble you’re having with this, @Rax1990. The quickest way to remove the rolling top up is to register another card via the app (the old PAYG+ app), this will cancel any rolling/scheduled top ups and then you can register the preferred card again.

I hope this helps! 



My bank has informed me I have a Boost subscription set up for £20 from my account.

I can’t remember setting this direct debit up and can’t find out what it actually is. 
Could someone let me know as I can’t cancel it via my online bank. It says I have to contact Boost. 

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I’ve moved your post here, @DawnK, I think this might be the issue. 

If this doesn’t help please reach out to the team