How do I book a new smart meter installation with Boost?

  • 12 November 2017
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Hi who do I book a new smart meter installation with now boost or ovo ???

Best answer by Darran_Boost 14 November 2017, 14:22

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23 replies

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Updated 18/09/2020

Hi @Tonka3434 Welcome to the Boost forum, great to have you on board.

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The booking link is:

Hope that helps. Don't forget, if you have any other questions about your new smart meters or the process, then you can check out a great forum topic here


i need to reschedule my installation engineer. how do i do this?
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hi @kapitantripps thanks for posting,

This page has more info and a link that takes you to the booking platform:
I have just chosen to switch my gas and electric over to boost with a smart meter- but when i have then gone online it is now saying there are engineers in the area currently installing the smart meters. How do I know when there would be someone to install as I was hoping for a smart meter.
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I've moved your question to this topic, @stephjohn11!

Check out Darran's best answer at the top, this will have all the information you need to book a smart meter exchange.

I am in the process of switching to you as suppliers it told me to book my smart meter installation when I do this it states I have smart meters BUT I DONT ??
I'd like to have a look into this for you @Nadeen 81 - could you send me a PM with your full name, account number (or full address) and DoB? ^Emily

Been trying to book for smart meter fitting since last year when switched, but dates and times are always blank so cannot go any further, do you know when this is likely to change and we can actually get the meters?

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Hi @Tink86 


Are you using the link in the best answer? If so, can you send a screenshot so I can forward this one for you?




That is as far as I can get, I cannot continue as there is no times/dates to select 

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Thanks @Tink86 


I’m finding out the owner of this booking platform and will flag this and update the topic with the latest for you. 


Is this still happening? 

Yes, it has been like this every time I have tried since the end of last year :( I switched mainly for the smart meters so I didn't have to run to the shops every 2mins,if we cannot get them fitted we may aswell switch back as we seem to be using more now, especially having problems with gas, it is using the credit even though we are not using the gas :(

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I’ve been advised this looks to be an issue with the tool not being able to pull available engineer slots in your area, @Tink86 


I’d recommend calling the team later in the week, so they can check engineer coverage on your behalf, and raise the issue with the online booking platform on your account: 0330 102 7517 


Hope you get a slot! 


I joined boost over a year ago to enable me to top up online, I am still waiting for a smart meter installation. I was also told when switching I would also received a £50 Asda voucher as I was recommended by a friend. I have emailed you on many occasions but still yet to get a response, I understand things are difficult with covid but to not even reply with some sort of idea of what’s going on isn’t really good enough. Regret changing to boost!

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Hey @Ktp2307,


I’ve moved your post over here, as this thread has some great information that you can use. As @Tim_Boost suggested, give us a call if you’re getting the same blank screen when it should be showing the engineer availability.


As for the referral voucher, you should get that within 28 days of you both being on supply with ourselves. If that time has passed, get in touch, and we can chase this up for you.


You can send us a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages, or drop us an email at




How long am I expected to wait for a smart meter installation for both my gas and electricity? I’ve been with boost for nearly 2 years and I’ve got nothing? All I seem to get is ‘ high demand in my area’... 

it’s getting very frustrating now!!!!

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That’s such a long wait, @John chandler - especially given how keen we are to fit everyone with a smart meter. 


Just in case, here’s the link to use:


Can I ask which region of the UK you’re in?

I’m in west London 

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That’s…… not right, @John chandler. Surely we must’ve rotated smart meter fitting engineers to your region in this very long time. I’m so sorry to hear this booking platform hasn’t offered anything. What I would say is these engineers are rotated around different regions, meaning we can’t cover all of the UK all of the time. So it’s possible, if you weren’t checking that regularly, that you happen to choose those times that there wasn’t an engineer in your area, and didn’t check when there was. Maybe...


When it’s a good time for you, please call us, so that the agent can use their internal schedule platform to see if there’s any appointments: 0330 102 7517. If you could let them know what you see when you look for availability (and let them know how long), it will help us work out if there’s an issue. 


Hope you get an appointment soon! 

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hi I have been a customer with you for over 2 weeks now & have got SMART PAYG but Still got no smart meters??? Everytime iv emailed or tried to connect iv had no luck & when i have tried filling the form out online it says im eligible for smart meters but then glitches last min & says somethings gone wrong with the connection ! i left utilita for the same reason never got my smart meters installed 

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Hi @jaderooney -


Great to hear you’re keen to get some new smart meters installed. I’ve moved your comment over to this related thread as the best answer above gives the most direct route to booking a smart meter installation yourself:


The booking link is:

If you’re having technical issues using this link you can also request a smart meter appointment by speaking to the team on 0330 102 7517 - Their lines are open from 8am - 6pm on weekdays and 9am - 2pm on Saturdays. Worth mentioning that appointments offered may depend on engineer availability and signal access in your area.


Hope this info helps and you’re able to get that appointment booked soon - Pop back and let us know when you do! :slight_smile:

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hiya thankyou !!!! I got a booking last night so getting them installed on  friday!!! thankyou xxxx