How do I activate my gas card with a smart meter?

  • 7 August 2018
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ive got a smart meter with my gas and joined boost but how do I activate my card?

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3 replies

Updated on 30/09/2020: We have recently changed Smart PAYG. See this guide for info on the latest changes. Still got a question about the new Smart PAYG? Create your topic here to get it asked. The answer will help you and others! 

Hey @Lisa7886

We register the payment cards to your smart meters on our end so you don't need to do anything!

As soon as you've received the card, you can start topping up. The top ups will automatically be added to your balance so no need to insert the card into the meter afterwards.


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In that case, @Lisa7886, just give the team a call on 0330 102 7517. They'll be able to get this sorted for you.
I’ve tried taking it to the shop to put some credit on it but it didn’t work so I’ve had to keep using my old supplier to top up my gas