How can I get my single rate smart meter changed to a two rate Economy 7 smart meter?

  • 8 January 2021
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Hi for the last 4 weeks I have been trying to resolve my problems first with Customer Services by telephone and then many emails to

Having taken over the supply on 1st November 2020, and shortly after fitted new storage heaters. The supply was and still is on OVO Variable tariff accor.ding to the meter. I requested by telephone on or about 1st December that I be put on the Economy 7 tariff.

The property had at one point been on economy 7 but this had been discontinued  a couple of years ago and was put on a single tariff.

Despite many phone calls I got nowhere at all. So on 16th December I change tact and email

All went well at first with a prompt reply promising it would be resolved in no more than 5 working days. After 5 days I contacted again, they said it would be prioritised. Christmas came and went, New Year came and went. I am now not getting replies to my emails chasing up.


So back to the phone after an 80 minute conversation on Wednesday and a 40 minute one today they are trying to tell me the switch has been made to Economy 7. I know this is not the case.


My meter shows OVO Variable Rate as the Tariff.

My daily cost is unaltered, and at the moment the Storage Heaters are the only appliances being used at night time.


So how do I interrogate my meter to establish for certain that I am on a Econmy 7 tariff and identify the lower cost accordingly The Meter is Liberty 110 CE 0891


I have also requested three times a Home Display Unit, the 2nd and 3rd time they said no record of the first two requests.

Please can someone help me resolve this. (PS I dont use Facebook or Twitter)


Thank you in total Frustration.









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Hi @CliveLandlord and thanks for the post. 


Can I ask a few things to help narrow down on what you need done. 


If you’re a prepayment Boost customer, you’ll be on the one variable tariff that Boost offer. However this comes in two shapes: single rate and economy 7.


Can you confirm if you want to be on single rate and not eco 7 or visa versa, or is it that you’re saying you’re not on the Boost variable prices that you should be?  

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Hi Tim

I want to be on the tariff which allows me to draw electricity in the small hours to charge my storage heaters at the reduced rate, eco 7 I presume as you describe it.

Yes it is a pre payment meter.

Thank you





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Perfect, thank you @CliveLandlord 


We can (it’s physically possible to) change your smart meter over from ‘single rate’ to ‘two rate’ (economy 7) remotely. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been done if you’ve requested it. 


Later in the week (we tend to be busiest on Mondays), please give us a call, request this change, and report back here to let us know the latest: 0330 102 7517



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Hi Tim


Thank you for your reply.

But Tim this is exactly what I have already been promised at least 3 times and over a period of several weeks. I was told by email that it was escalated to a priority and that was two weeks ago.

Each time I am told it will be done and it never is.

Why can someone actually follow through and deal with this please?

I checked again on the meter and no change again.

So would you be able to follow up on this now?












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Ahh it’s frustrating to hear that change hasn’t happened yet.


I’ll send you a private message now to get some details and see what’s what. 


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Hi Tim


I cant see any private message. Where should I be looking for this?





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Hi Tim


I found the private message, thanks.

I have replied with the details






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Thanks for getting back to @Tim_Boost with your details @CliveLandlord .


He’ll reply to you asap with more information shortly.


Hope this gets sorted out quickly for you,



Your best bet is to go find another energy supplier.

The amount of problems i had trying to contact these people and the poor excuses they try and come up with they ain,t worth the stress.

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Are you still having issues @CliveLandlord? What’s the latest?