had a traditional meter fitted with no key and card option

  • 14 February 2022
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i had to have a traditonal meter fitted as it was the only one he had on the van to get me back on supply  do i contact ovo now as i want to submit regualr meter readings so i dont run  up a massive bill thanks  

11 replies

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Hi @kylaeyre,


Glad to hear the engineer was able to fit an emergency meter to get you back on supply. Sometimes it might be necessary to install a non-smart meter in such emergency situations. If this is the case we’d encourage you to get in touch with our Support Team to schedule in another smart meter installation and check how your meter should be topped up in the meantime. 


Hope this helps - Do pop back and let us know how you get on. :thumbsup:

It can’t be topped up it’s one with the rolling numbers on the front and boost don’t understand what I mean I can’t send them a picture through email as it’s closed unless they open it and when I leave the chat to do it they cut me of I am completely stuck 

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Sorry to hear of the difficulties you’ve had communicating this to the Support Team@kylaeyre.


If you’re happy to post a photo of your new meter in this thread we may be able to help identify it here - or at least provide a link for you to forward on to the team.


Have you requested a Smart meter replacement yet?


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Thanks for posting that photo, @kylaeyre - You’re quite right, that’s a traditional pay-monthly meter, meaning you won’t be able to top-up your gas balance just yet. Your gas usage will be clocked by the meter reading.


The meter details (including the meter reading which was showing when the meter was installed) should be updated on your Boost account within 6 weeks of the engineer’s visit. At this point we’d recommend getting in touch with the Support Team to arrange a replacement of this meter for a smart meter which can be installed in prepayment mode. Your gas usage costs for the time you’ve had this traditional meter installed may be transferred as a debt balance on to your new meter so we’d recommend speaking to our Support Team who can advise on the daily repayment rate if this is the case.


I hope this information is helpful in getting things back on track following your emergency engineers visit. 

I’ve rang this morning and they just don’t understand what I’m trying to explain and when they say please email a photo they cut the chat of. Which then results in me not being able to send the photo it’s been 2 weeks now can I not keep the meter and use ovo to submit regular meter reading and pay what I’ve used ?

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I’m so sorry for any confusion, @kylaeyre.


Whilst a change to OVO may be possible, we’d need to make sure that both your gas and electricity have Pay Monthly compatible meters and you meet other eligibility requirements. Is your electricity meter a standard PAYG meter or a smart meter?

I appreciate you’re looking to get things sorted ASAP - so you may wish to share this link to the photo you’ve posted with our Support Team. I’d expect that they’ll confirm the need to replace this meter with a smart meter, both if you’d like to remain a PAYG customer with Boost or request a transfer of your account to a Pay Monthly account with OVO.


I hope this helps. 

My electric is smart 

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In that case we’d just need to get your gas meter upgraded to a compatible smart meter too, before discussing the option of transferring you to a Pay Monthly account with OVO, @kylaeyre.


As I mentioned previously, we’d usually have your meter details updated within 6 weeks of the previous meter replacement at which point you should be able to get another gas smart meter booking arranged by contacting the Support Team.


Hope this helps.

If I’m honest Jess the customer service that boost offer is horrendous I have pages and pages of phone calls online chats all where I have been cut of, not listened to ignored left on hold the list goes on I have been with boost for 7 years and haven’t taken this decision lightly but I am going to find another provider. 
Boosts overall rating on lots of websites is awful with everybody saying the same thing about the customer service advisors so for that I have no other choice and I feel That to ease the stress and anxiety it’s causing it would be better to leave.

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I’m really sorry to hear of your experience when contacting the team and the distress this has caused, @kylaeyre.

This is obviously not the level of service we strive to offer here at Boost so I’d like to reassure you that I’ve passed these comments on.


I’d also like the opportunity to follow-up with you directly so have sent your a message requesting some account details.


I’m hoping this helps put things right.