error message on display

  • 27 April 2022
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Hi just received error message on my smart display box supplier 0000 what does this mean ?

3 replies

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Hi @Tonka3434 and welcome to the Boost forum,


This is a strange one and not something we’ve had raised here before. Just to double check is the error message showing on your In-Home Display (IHD) or on the smart meter itself?

If it’s affecting the IHD it might be an issue with the connection between this device and the meter. We’d recommend moving the device as close to the meter as possible and leaving for at least 24 hours for the communication to recover.


If the message is on the meter screen itself, it might need a bit more investigating. We’ve got a topic on smart meter communication issues below, so take a look and contact our Support Team with the results.



I hope this helps get to the bottom of things. 

Hi it’s definitely not a communication problem has it has full signal.


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Thanks for posting that photo, @Tonka3434.


It does look like your IHD might need to be re-paired to your smart meters. Have you been in touch with the Support Team yet. They should be able to carry out some trouble-shooting to get things back up and running.