Does the Smart PAYG app not send low balance notification SMS? How do I know when I need to top up?

  • 22 May 2021
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Hi. Any help will be appreciated.

In the past, I’d know when to top up because I’d receive a text message.

Now that I have been moved to PAYG Smart, how do I know when to top up?

Will I still receive a text message?

I do not have an in-home display. I have ordered one and am waiting to receive it.

Am I supposed to just keep an eye on the in-home display to know when to top up? I’d prefer to receive a text message.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi @Serkan999 and thanks for posting this question. 


The new Smart PAYG app and browser doesn’t have the SMS notifications system that lets you know when you’re low. However you can now view your balance online.

The advice here has been taken from this topic. Your balance should show just below your top up numbers, like the picture below. It’ll give you a snapshot as of midnight, just as the previous app did.


You can also access Smart PAYG via a browser here.

Why isn’t the balance showing on my app?


  • You need to have the latest version of the ‘Boost Top Up’ app and have made a top up using this latest app version, to have this balance feature available from that midnight onwards.
  • For some customers, the balance feature won’t show on the ‘Boost Top Up’ app till up to 3 days after the latest version of the app has been installed.
  • Some customers with ‘S2’ smart meters may see a longer delay till their balance shows. This is being worked on. 


My energy balance on PAYG Smart


What will happen to my PAYG+ credit balance?

We'll simply move it to your new energy account. If you have both electricity and gas, your credit will be split 50/50. So we'll move half to your electricity meter – and half to your gas one.


What will happen to my PAYG+ debt balance? 

We'll move it to your PAYG Smart debt balance. You'll see it on your electricity meter, and pay it back at exactly the same rate as on PAYG+.


Will I be able to see my balance in the new Boost app?

Once you download the new Boost Top-up app it can take up to 3 days for your balance to show. The balance shown in the new app will be a snapshot taken every day at midnight. You'll be able to see a live balance on your meter and on your In-Home Display.


If I don’t have an In-Home Display, how can I get one?

That’s easy. Just fill out this form to order yours.