Do Boost have any plans to update the current IHD units?

  • 10 October 2018
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Are you guys at Boost Power going to be updating, fixing or replacing the IHDs?

Most customers on here including myself have got the same frustrations with the IHDs, that it's only configured for credit users, the live usage is not on the 'home' screen and the data displayed is inaccurate.

Pretty much all replies from the Boost team are that we should use the app, but that gives no live data, doesn't show the usage over time, ie hour, evening, day etc, just broken down over day/week/month.

The app is great for what it actually does, checking balance, topping up etc, and I can understand that it can't and may not never show live data, but please don't point users in that direction as a IHD replacement.

Could we get a definate answer on whether the current IHDs are being updated or replaced, and if not, are any more features going to be implemented in the app?


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2 replies

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am keen too see how your suggestions are taken forward by Boost @larpsniffer
Thanks for getting in touch @larpsniffer

There's no plans to update the way our In Home Display units work for our Pay as you go customers - as the app displays your costs (daily, weekly and monthly), your top ups and your current credit balance. You can also set up scheduled/rolling top ups, that work in the same way as a Direct Debit.

We've also just added a brand new feature called the Winter Wallet -

That being said, we'd love to get some more feedback from you. What else would you like to see on the app? We're always looking for suggestions on how we can improve our online experience.