Complaint regarding Increased Debt Repayment

  • 15 June 2022
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I received an email from Boost on the 7/6/22, telling me my debt repayment was to increase by £4 per day starting from midnight. This gave me 8 hours notice. No discussion, No attempt to discover affordability, or if this would cause financial distress.

I contacted Boost via the webchat and was told tough, you have to pay it.

I completed and submitted a complaint via the website on the 8/6/22 and I have still yet to recive an acknowledgement, let alone a response.

This is now urgent as I can’t afford £4pd - which if Boost had made an effort to discuss this with me, it  would have been clear I can’t just summon up an extra £120 per month - and I will run out of money completely because of this increase, next week. I am also on The Priority Services Register, which again Boost seem oblivious to. 


Can someone from Boost contact me to discuss, please

1 reply

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I’m so sorry to hear this, @DameHyndman.


As this doesn’t sound like our expected process I’ll be sending you a Private Message to collect some account details. You’ll be able to view and respond to this message by heading to the top-right hand corner of any forum page.


Hope this helps