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A month ago had to change the account name because of a bereavement in the family, got sent new account number with new cards to top up, tried topping up both gas and electricity at paypoints but declines says account not activated also tried online and on the app but nothing works, rang numerous times to customer service but get told it will be OK in 48 hours that was 4 weeks ago can anyone help 

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Hi @Gaz31 and welcome to the Boost forum,


I’m so sorry to hear about your recent loss and the complications you’ve had in getting your Boost account updated.


Just to clarify as you mention receiving a new set of cards which aren’t yet activated, are you still able to top-up using the old cards?

If so it sounds as though the details on your account haven’t been changed yet. Each card will have a unique number which needs to be registered to your smart meters in order to activate them. Unfortunately we don’t have access to your account to help here but I would recommend reaching out to the Support Team via our webchat which you can find here.


I hope this helps get things sorted.

Thanks jess but I when  asked for the account name change they took off the remaining credit and put me on emergency credit straight away and had to wait for the cards numbers which I got told I cold use straight away, having to ring up to put on credit which is frustrating 

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I’m so sorry to hear of the confusion over getting the new cards set-up, @Gaz31.


I’m hoping you’ve managed to reach the Support Team to confirm the correct card numbers. I’d recommend reaching out to them via our webchat if not.


As you mention the balance on the meters has been reset. This remaining credit should be issued as a cheque refund, so I’d recommend checking in with the team to make sure this cheque is issued to the correct name.


I hoping this information helps get things back on track.