Can you change the default home screen of the Pipet 500 In Home Display (IHD)?

  • 22 February 2018
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Hi all, second day with the smart meters up and running and already disappointing to learn that the most useful feature of having an in-home-display is not really all that useable on the supplied pipit 500.

I'm talking about the feature of seeing your real time energy usage together with corresponding colour changing leds to better inform you of when your household is and/or isn't using vast amounts of energy. I realise this is featured on the IHD but as it automatically times out and returns you to the main screen after a minute or so, it really is kind of useless.

So really my question is two part,

1) is this a problem that can be fixed/updated in a future patch? And if not...

2) is it possible to use other IHD's and have them configured to work in place of the supplied Pipit 500 in order to get around this shortcoming?

Thanks for any information on this, I'm at least happy with the majority of the other features and benefits offered by the supplied kit, but after seeing other people's home displays in action, I was looking forward to having this one particular feature.

Many thanks!


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Updated 07/05/2020 - Updated link!

There's no way to change that default screen, @Kyutu - it's a pain to have to navigate to your live usage page each time, but the Pipet 500 can be very useful if you know how. Check out this link here for more info!


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I think your totally right waste of time don't even plug it in anymore
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Thanks for the reply, perhaps one day this will be something that will get some attention should Boost decide to upgrade the units down the line.

Will have a look at the link that Tim mentioned.

Thanks again.