Can't top up on smart PAYG app - I get error message 'Unfortunately there was a problem with your payment, you have not been charged for this transaction'

  • 31 December 2020
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I’ve had it with this rubbish. I’ve been trying to top up through this pathetic app for the past 2 weeks and all I’ve been getting is this error message stating “ Unfortunately there was a problem with your payment, you have not been charged for this transaction “ 

Anyone else in the same boat? Support on Twitter have been cooperating but they suggest things like reinstall the app ( which I’ve done numerous times ) and to try a different bank card ( Tried 3 ) Still no luck. Think they have no clue what to do here and suggested for me to top up in a store which I cannot do currently as no non-essential stores are open that accept a pay point. 

Any suggestions? 






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9 replies

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Been having the same issues, What the hell was wrong with the old app, it worked fine.

Anyway what I have just found out today is that there is an issue with the new app which they are trying to fix (lol)

The issue I had was that when it imported the accounts in to the new app it either got the account for the gas wrong or it changed it.

They’ve now given me a new account for the gas which it is accepting payments on (apparently) although it’s not showing on the meter yet.

My advice … call them and get them to check the account details, they’ve probably cocked yours up as well at a guess

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Thanks for your reply, El. 

Yes, I believe that’s the best action to do here. Been having trouble reaching them as usual but hoping they can get the issue fixed asap.

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These guys are clowns. Period.


No one knows what the hell they are doing. Each time I speak with someone and explain the issue they go quiet and have idea how to reply back. A customer rep sent me another app from OVO Energy? the hell and that did not even register. I’ve had enough at this point and will be switching. 

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Just before you go, @Raz (or whilst you wait for the switch to go ahead even), what happens when you use Smart PAYG from your browser? Link here


Really sorry to hear about these issues.

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@Tim_Boost  Thanks for your reply. 


This also gives me the same error as the app. No clue why and I’ve tried everything at this point. 



I have the same issues since the new app. I reached them several times and their answer is « just wait to run out of power and we will send someone ». It’s outrageous.

im gonna switch to another brand because they’re dumb

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That’s definitely not the best course of action, @Marine, sorry for any misadvice.

If you haven’t tried this already, deleting and re-installing the app solves most issues, as it makes sure you have the latest version downloaded.


Any further issues though, give us a call on 0330 102 7517, or send us a message to our Facebook or Twitter pages so we can help you.





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This all seems rather frightening if this is what we can all expect upon being forced over to the new PAYG Smart program.

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Issues like this are fortunately rare, @Kyutu , the majority of customers on the PAYG Smart service have a smooth experience. The team are always on hand to offer help if it is needed.